How long has it been?

Too long I’d say!

Been an interesting few days. Work is crazy busy – offloaded two containers yesterday and have the sore muscles and sunburn to prove that I did actually work. hard, physical work, and I loved it, even though I was quite tired when the day was done. Got home and had a lovely bath, relaxed all the sore muscles.

The prospective human has been visiting here since Tuesday afternoon. He makes a good house husband – just sad that i can’t afford to keep him in both clothes and food! Strange situation I find myself in. i’m so not used to having all these people in my house. Using toilet paper, drinking milk and coffee and coke, eating food I can’t really spare, but what do I do? The guy is basically destitute. How do I just let him go on his not so merry way and act as if it does nothing to affect the way I see myself? Not that I’ll lose sleep over it, but, as this little tidbit tells us – If you can do something good for somebody else, do it. Neither here nor there, but I’ve always had help when I needed it, how can I in all honesty not help somebody else when they need it? it would mean that I’ll have to get used to an indefinite houseguest. Somebody that’s not yet able to pay his own way. Looking towards me for his livelihood. Hmmm. Yes. I can see a stormy time ahead of me.

It also means that I’m scarce online. I can’t very well switch on the minute I get home and let him entertain himself some more now can I? He’s been alone the whole day, the least I can do is sit and visit a while. I’m sorry faithful readers. Never thought about the consequences of having somebody else living with me, even if it’s only a visit for now. Kind of puts a strainer on many things. One thing I made clear though was my dancing. Not negotiable. If you want to join, good. If you don’t, I’ll leave you at home, but I’m not letting dancing go – I don’t care who you are or what you do or say or think. It’s what I do. You don’t need to like it, but you will have to accept it. And since, at this point in time, I’m the one doing all the providing, the best way is to grin and bear it. What an overbearing man I would make!! You know the ones I’m talking about? The ones whose wives don’t work and the man reminds her of that around every corner. I’m biting my tongue. It has blisters. They hurt!

Going to the shops on Saturday come hell or high water – have to get the rest of the things bought. Can’t believer Christmas is next week already!! Just a few last minute things that has to be gotten and done before the big day happens. And then it will be the new years celebrations and then I get to say good bye to yet another child. Then it will be just me. Sometimes it does suck to be me, but on the other hand, at least I have nice spots to go to for holidays one day…

With that, a few more Christmas songs – at least my tree and some lights are up already – hope your preparations are going along swimmingly 😉

On what would have been my twenty fifth wedding anniversary. As it is, I celebrated my fifteenth divorce anniversary on the tenth of December – how time flies when you’re having fun! Or, as Kermit states – time’s fun when you’re having flies 😉

Now we’ve had our fill of Christmas songs, let me wish you a peaceful evening.

May your days be long upon the earth. And don’t forget the positive vibes that I will still have the job I actually like this time next year – would be my only wish for Christmas. Not touching the world peace conundrum!!



8 comments on “How long has it been?

  1. While I do feel it is a pity a companion didn’t rock up who would keep you in the manner in which you would love to become accustomed, but company is company and this is not a good time of the year to be solitary. Not, of course, that your fellow bloggers would have allowed that to happen …
    Still, I think that, along with the dancing ones, some ground rules regarding dedicated online time would not go amiss!

  2. As usual, the Col called it for me. And, he’s so much more tactful than I am. Grin. Here’s a big hug, Ms. G and Ms. J. Wish we were sitting on your porch, hugging your sweet dogs and cat(s). Checking out the koi, while we are at it. Glad the dancing is sacrosanct! I’ve missed you online, m’dear. Be well! And, did we ever, EVER see pictures of those nifty christmas things you made with itty bitty doors? I want to see them!

  3. Yes, guard your dancing space jealously. But I know what you mean about taking care of somebody who is down on his luck. It’s so important for people to be always mindful of the old expression “but for the grace of god, go I” and continually watch out for others in need of help.

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