So much…

…has happened. So many thoughts running through my head.

Today I’m thankful for many things. But the main one would be that I don’t have a TV connected to any kind of broadcasting facility. Reason for that? This Mandela situation – it’s still carrying on ad nauseum. As my son put it – RIP Nelson Mandela, AKA the black Jesus. Am I happy that he’s dead? No. Am I particularly sad that he’s dead? No. He was a man, lived his live, made enemies, made friends, learnt from those same enemies and became a symbol. He’s not the great Black hope, he’s not a saint, he’s just a man, and now he’s dead, and all the praise and worship I’ve been inundated with is, to me, just a tad too much. Then again, I’m reserved in many ways. This outpouring does not sit well with me. Maybe I’m just a sourpuss, or an ornary curmudgeon, but enough already!

Then there’s the possible new human. Still don’t know how this is going to pan out, but he’s the reason I’ve been so scarce these past few days. And we had in person visits, not lengthy cyber chats. So far so good. Then again, I might have been alone for far too long. Sharing space for any length of time with another person might not be what I’m cut out for, but time will tell.

Then there’s the righteous people thing. All about PETA and circuses and animals in captivity. More about that when I have time to elaborate.

Tomorrow is the sister’s b day. The kid, by the way, is apparently fine. EEG, MRI, sleep EEG – all came back negative for epilepsy. Reckons it’s stress related. The kid is 10. Suffering from stress. It boggles the mind!! The parents divorcing might have something to do with that, maybe he’s just finely tuned. Or maybe they’re not doing the right tests. Back to the b day. I’m still working on her gifts – what with having an actual social life for a change and all that – not quite conducive to pottering around with hobbies and such like!

A rushed post – I need to get to bed and sleep. Bit of a head cold happening, headache, sore shoulders – general end of the year melancholic aches I’d say – two weeks from now Christmas would be a memory. Such a sad thing to think about!

Anyhow. Hope you and yours have been getting along just splendidly without me – until I can reciprocate the favour – long days and pleasant nights. And Sarah, I have not forgotten the honour you showed me – I will be sure to make work of that as soon as I can get my head above water again!


4 comments on “So much…

  1. G, glad to hear of: your nephew recovering, your possible human (!) – made me laugh, the way you phrased it, my mind leapt to the thought you were pregnant! – grin; so glad you are living, rather than observing! Best ~ HuntMode

  2. Happy birthday to your sister, and hope you get her present finished in time. You’re poor little nephew probably is traumatised by the divorce thing. Glad he’s okay though. Enjoy the new relationship, and hope it lasts if you want it to. Your thoughts on the Mandela circus are the same as mine. The fake interpreter story was the cherry on the top. 🙂

  3. I can understand how you are tired the news. I am tired of how social media is picking on everything dead or alive. Have fun with your family and glad the child is okay. The poor child.

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