One of those nights…

…the kind that sticks in your memory banks for a long time.

I had one of those last night. Totally spur of the moment. But it was good.

Talking to like minded people, a person that hears what you say, lets you speak your mind, allow you your opinion, adding to the conversation and the ambience of the evening – something that’s been sorely lacking in my life.

We’ve known one another for a few years. Lost contact, made contact again, and it was as if the intervening years were never there. Nobody knows the future. Not a single person can fathom it’s depths. I am precariously balanced between two worlds – one with a job and an income, possibilities, and another with no job, no income and not many possibilities. Do I add another human to the equation? Too early to say – some people are worth all manner of sacrifice, because of the way you feel when with them I suppose.

Only time will tell. Suffice to say, I had a most enjoyable evening that ended in yet another sleepless night. At least I was not preached at like the last time it happened! One day at a time would be a good way to handle this. What needs to happen in any case will. I might still say or do something that will screw up everything as per usual.

On that note, hope you enjoy the tune for tonight. Until we meet again, keep the best side up if you can πŸ™‚


14 comments on “One of those nights…

  1. I think that every day most of us say or do something that could screw things up with somebody who’s on a short fuse, but when a person reads comments or actions in the wrong way and gets in a mighty huff, it’s more often related to their false pride or insecurities than anything else. People worth knowing, allow a great deal of slack, because they know they’re not perfect themselves and likely to say or do something equally out of turn.
    Don’t give up on those fellows. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’ll love you as you are and visa versa (OMG I sound as if I’m writing a Mills & Boon!)

    • it would be easy for me to fall for this guy Sarah. Not because he’s hunk of the month, but because he sees ME. and he himself does not hide behind masks. That I can see in any case. I’m not predicting moonshine and roses from here on out, but we had a good start – who knows where it might lead?
      If, of course, I allow myself to let him into the fortress I created around my psyche…
      Never knock M & B – I’ve learnt much of what I know about the world from reading them πŸ˜‰

      • M & B books are great, although I only ever read the doctor and nurse romances, being forever hopeful in my nursing days! I got as far as a psychologist, but no further.
        It’s good to believe in romance, but learn to just lower the bar a little re expectations, without selling yourself short.
        I really hope this guy is the one you’ve been waiting for πŸ™‚

  2. All of the above, plus a wish on a star from me for you, J. If you live close enough, I recommend staying off long phone conversations – and getting together instead – something about the phone leaves nothing for face to face. At least, that’s what I remember… Grin.

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