All the plans…

…of mice and men, comes to naught.

And here we are again, at the end of yet another weekend. Been a strange one to say the least.

Had a wake up visit from Jehova’s witnesses yesterday morning. Nice. Anyhow. The day carried on in it’s normal frame of mine, and all social media was still inundated by photo’s and quotes and 20 page overviews and what not – almost as if nothing else happened in the world since Thursday evening when god apparently died.

Moving on.

The plan was to get up early this morning go to builders, get the BiL’s gift certificate and then to some or other spot to get clothes for the sister’s kids for Christmas. What’s done is done. it was not to be. After my long and leisurely bath, just as I got into bed, the phone rings. It’s mom. at 12 am. Those phone calls never mean anything good, and this one was no exception. Turns out she was at the hospital. With my sister and her one kid. Kid had a fit of some kind, stopped breathing and all kinds of really scary shit. They admitted him to paeds ICU and he’s still there. What a damn drama! of course he was sedated, but then there was an issue with his drip. So they had to put in another one. And the way he carried on you would swear her was 5 years old! I came to the realisation that I will indeed NOT be a good grandmom. But the little one really has something wrong with him and the godsย doctors still don’t quite know what’s wrong with him. I can only hope they find out before it can damage him. Don’t suppose the fact that there’s a divorce looming made it all that much better either. Poor kids. And it’s usually them that get’s the worst of every deal. I will keep you updated as and when any updates happen. He’s going for an MRI tomorrow, maybe we will know better then.

Did get a good idea regarding my sister’s gifts though. The stencil I got was too big. So I printed the quote. Thinking I could make my own stencil. Not as easy as it sounds. then I saw the roll of sticky tape the police left here after their severely incompetent finger printing artists did what they thought they should do. Stuck some of that over the letters and voila! Perfect stencil! I have two more to make, and I think this time I’m going to cover both sides with the sticky tape. will make for a bit of a stronger stencil. There you have it – where there’s a will, and little money, there will always be a way ๐Ÿ˜‰

That then the news for today. Hope yours was a good day and that Monday will follow suit.

Long days and pleasant nights…

16 comments on “All the plans…

    • Apparently they found nothing on the MRI. ECG still needs to be looked at by the quack. They’re monitoring his sleeping patterns now. Hope he will be allright eventually.
      thanks for the good wishes H.

    • He;s still in hospital the poor thing. Although I feel sorry for his mom that has to be there with him all the time, but she insists.
      As for the incompetent police, exactly ๐Ÿ˜‰

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