…FB is an utter loss tonight.

The old man is now officially not with us anymore. Everywhere quotes and pictures and reminisces and what have you’s. My feeling on the whole matter? Well, I might seem very hard hearted and compassion-less and I suppose some would say racist, but hey. He’s dead. People die. He did what he could for the suck heap after he terrorised the suck heap, and now it’s left to us to try and make it work. While he’s well out of it, having a well earned rest, with his amazingly scandalous family being left behind, and, of course, the grater populace of a very troubled country.

There’s been talk, for a few years now, that once the old man dies, the shit will hit the fan big time. Aimed mostly at whiteys, because we stole the country you see, and the non South Africans, because they are currently stealing the country. Such wisdom. Fact remains though that we might have to deal with local violence on a greater scale than before. Have to wonder if the army, whatever’s left of it, and the police force, if they can be made to do anything but sleep, have been put on high alert – even if just to be safe rather than sorry. Wonder if the world will sit up and take notice should the killings start. All just speculation of course, one never knows what the future brings.

This is the end of an era for South Africa, that’s for certain. what will become of us all in the next one? Let’s hope for the best in this particular instance. I shudder to think about the worst that can happen.

I will not be joining the bandwagon with the RIP’s and things. Although I am going to post this pic. Trust her to completely screw things up on an enormous scale…

He’s had a long life, mostly fruitful. Let him go without drama. Although that’s probably way too much to hope for – nothing The People like more than a funeral.

Let me end. I did what I did not want to do and also spouted about the event, even though I’m not participating in it anywhere else. Β Even I succumbed, albeit on the other side of the coin as it were.

Maybe everybody, myself included, should take heed of this quote.

And may your days be long upon the earth, as always.


22 comments on “Well…

    • This man was a conundrum. For all the good he did in the later years, I don’t know that it negates the bad he did in his younger years. That being said, he became an icon for freedom. fact that that freedom is not quite as visible as we would all like it to be, does not detract from what he tried to do.
      And now he’s dead. And I don’t think the lot he left us with are able to make distinction between good practices and bad ones.
      The one thing we do still have is hope AD, you’re right about that, even if it’s filled with a glimmer of doubt.

  1. J, I made sure to check in last night and this a.m. to see if yo would post. I remember previous posts of yours re the early years of Mandela, etc. Feeling as you do about the conditions of your country and courtesy to those who have died, there’s grace here.

    • Thanks for seeing it in that light P. I don’t think many people do. He was an icon, regardless of what I think about the matter. Will I be heaping praise on him? No, I’ll not do that. he was just a man, like any other man, only more so, to misquote Rick, and he did what he did while in the time he was. I can not, in all honesty, call him the father of our nation or the harbinger of freedom because i see the mess we’re currently in. Maybe a bit too dark? Possibly, but more realistic than most.
      I tried to give him as much due as I was able to because he did stand for things people needed. The fact that I don’t agree with the current ideologies, notwithstanding.
      Life as we know it might change, it might not – either way, we all have our road to travel and his just ended. May a legacy of worth follow from this.

  2. Surely that one from Paris isn’t for real?
    One hopes that some glimmerings of intelligence will remain in the majority population and that the urban legend doesn’t start becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.
    I do not think he quite qualifies for deification as one might think from all the fulsome praise, even if it is an appropriate time to say nice things about someone.

    • I don’t know if it’s real or not Col – I would not put anything past her – not at all the sharpest pencil in the packet that one!
      As for your hopes of intelligence – they might have that, but I think tribal attitudes trumps intelligence every time!
      All the gushing made me quite naar truth be told. Some people even changed their profile pics to one of him! Really? It’s ok if people wants to vilify me because I don’t gush, but the bad things he did will not go away, no matter how much supposed good he did in the past 20 years. And I never gush!

  3. “People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the humans heart than its opposite.”
    – Nelson Mandela

    • Another lovely quote from the old man.
      Alas. It is not one that has great standing here – many people hate. Without reason, and the government of the day is doing nothing to remove that hate, only blowing on the fires that feeds it.
      interesting times ahead I would say.

  4. People often forget that he was a terrorist in his younger years. I’m grateful we are able to mingle with each other because of him but at the same time because of him, our government has gone to the dogs.
    We all knew his time was basically up, people have known this since he got sick last year so the fact that it’s being plastered all over our faces is annoying. I put up a quote of his on Facebook and a picture but I’m not changing every hour to give an update what’s happened. He’s dead now, the world shouldn’t stop just because of that.

    • The fact that he was a terrorist seems to be forgotten by everybody.
      bygones though. He’s gone now, and we’re left to hold the fort – if we can…
      And really. We all mingled while he was still in prison, AND we had actual order.And we’re not mingling more now because of him, we’re mingling because of a confluence of circumstances of which FW de Klerk was the fore runner. A very convoluted thing was the mandela.
      The end of an era…

  5. Excellent post Ms. g. I have no opinion on the matter. If I do, it reminds me of the story of Saul. I just like his quotes. But reading all the comments, wow, very engaging and the Youtube. ahhhh.

    • Glad you liked the video Miss P πŸ™‚
      As for the rest, it had to happen sooner or later – I’m just very ambiguous about it. What needs to happen will I suppose…

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