Check in…

…just because I have to.

Felt good today. Why? Well, nothing too big. Just made way for a motorcyclist, and he actually acknowledged the gesture. Such little things can make a day seem a whole lot brighter. If only people would realise it more often.

Went to visit mom this afternoon. The BiL is sitting there in the house, all by himself. Actually feel sorry for the oke, but then, he seems content in his solitude. Somewhat like me actually…

Got mom to go to a hobby shop for me today – now I can start making both my sister’s and my instructor’s gifts. Only thing is, his gift has to be finished by tomorrow evening 19:30. Hence the quick check-in.

I’ll catch up again over the weekend.

Hope you like tonight’s Christmas tune. And I still don’t have my tree up!! Shameful!

may your days be long upon the earth…


16 comments on “Check in…

    • The kid that usually did the tree is not here anymore, and the other one is just not even remotely interested!! Looks like I’ll have to go and get it out myself πŸ˜‰

  1. Me too. I put up the tree and the lights and my grand kids dressed it. A win-win situation: I was able to cook supper and they enjoyed arranging the trinkets on it.

    Nice to hear you day has been good. Aren’t you as busy as a beaver. πŸ˜€

  2. Good to hear your days are going well, and apparently, your nights, too. Grin. The song didn’t come thru for me – rare, that – “unable to play video.” or words to that effect. But, I got to focus on your good night wish: may your days be long upon the earth… Lovely, J! I accept! Grin.

    • Not just long days P, kind days too.
      I’m a bit fragile lately – hope it passes soon!
      Do try and watch the vid some other way – Mr Como does it so well!!

      • Fragile, J? The season, the boys moving out of the country? The 50,000 word novel project? The new job? We’re here and with you in thought and support. xxoo HuntMode

      • All of the above probably p, and then add some hormones to the mix – winning situation!!
        Thanks for the kind wishes and the support, even with all that’s happening in your life at the moment!!!

  3. Thank you for checking in. Can’t have a tree again. Afraid the cats will play with the tinsels. I’ll settle with our my Holly Tree outside. Good days to come to you, Ms. g.

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