Even keel.

That’s life at this stage.

No new problems, at least not in my life currently. The kids are relatively OK so far, work is still good, traffic is still at a minimum. Just the sister that’s going through a spot of trouble. I have no idea what they’re doing to sort it out, where whom will live, how things will be divided – suppose I’ll eventually hear the plans. until then, I’m leaving them. Battles to fight. if you want my help, or advice, don’t hesitate to contact me, but if you don’t, I’ll leave you to it until you’re ready.

Had a misty morning going to work this am. And of course it reminded me of this song –

I have a few favourite Elvis tunes, but this one is right at the top of my list. Misty mornings. Maybe, one day I’ll have somebody to share them with.

Going dancing tonight for probably one of the last times this year – the suck heap is closing down, people are going on holiday. Well, some of them are in any case. I’ll just be hanging around here if you don’t mind 😉 There is, after all, no place quite like home, now is there?

And with that, tonight’s Christmas tune – hope you like it!

PS – thought I’d be industrious. Put some pasta on to cook. I just rescued the pot from the stove. I’ll not be eating pasta tonight. Might never be able to use that particular pot again either. Yes well. I’m not domesticated 😉

9 comments on “Even keel.

  1. The more people away on holiday, the more peace for you.

    Talking about cooking, I put some rice on the stove for dinner last night and then got distracted by the computer. Hee, hee, hee — the intended portion sort of shrunk but I told mister that I’d purposely only done a small amount of rice as the accompanying bacony/beanie/vegetable invention was quite large enough. Having said that, I plunged the pan in soapy water in the sink before he could see all the rice stuck to the bottom!

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