I’m back from the kiddies concert.

Thank heavens for small mercies…

Of course, I came home and opened the computer. And started farting around on FB – as one does.

And one of the people I have on there has posted a video of Paul Walker’s accident,  with a picture of the poor man’s face all cut to crap. Sometime during the week, somebody else posted a link to a man beheading his wife. Both of them females I might add!

Can ANYBODY please tell me why?

Blood and gore is all well and good in movies or TV series. But have people become so anaesthetised to it that they insist on seeing the real thing?

What is it about the human condition that makes it want to wallow in other people’s miseries?

Is life really just about sensation?

Not so cool.

Anyhow. Time for bed – this old body needs its rest 😉

May your days be long upon the earth…


18 comments on “Why!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  1. People are just twisted. It’s just like how many people (including myself) are drawn to accidents. But posting it all over the show is a totally different story

    • I have never been and never will be drawn to an accident. I take it so far as to look the other way when I have to pass one. Death is death, and I for one don’t like to be exposed to it more than I need to be.
      I have actually told people before to not send me sick shit via e mail – I refuse to watch it. My equilibrium is fragile at the best of times!

  2. I’m with Paulette of PMD ~ I had to watch enough violence doing my thesis on terrorism and propaganda – those filmed beheadings will stay in my head and ears for a very, very long time…You reach a level of saturation and mine passed awhile back, especially serving as a duty officer. May your night’s rest be tranquil.

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