It had to happen. It always does. The year flies by and before you know it, it’s December. Here in the suck heap, it means warm days, at the moment, lots of rain, but weekends you’re sure to smell the smoke from fires all over your suburb. And then the smell of meat sizzling on the hot grills – nothing quite like a braai to put you in a holiday mood!! Hear the noise of, depending on your viewpoint, happy or irritating rug rats playing in the warm summer evening. Guess which one suits my current temperament best 😉

Drove through a rainstorm again tonight. experienced people changing lanes without using indicators, driving a tad too fast on the wet roads but what the heck! We’re in Africa, why bother with order?

So. Before I leave you to go to a kiddie’s school concert, I thought I’d start off the advent with a tune. Not an actual Christmas tune, but I was in the mood for some classics, since it’s Maria Callas’s 90th birthday today, and this is from a Christmassy type thing.

Here’s to hoping we will all have a good start to the month, with all the festivities that goes along with that.

12 comments on “Advent…

  1. It’s so weird thinking of people celebrating Christmas and New Year in the middle of the summer. I just can’t get my head around Santa Claus sweating under the South African sun and snowmen evaporating. Hee, hee.

    Wishing you a wonderful December and peaceful driving conditions in the run-up to the holidays 😉

    • Now can you imagine my culture shock when I had my first ever cold Christmas in 2008? I still have to experience a white one – maybe we should swap houses one year – you here is the heat, and me there in the cold 😉
      Our Santa’s here have to wear shorts 😉
      Hope this December brings us all only good things Sarah…

  2. May you have a happy and merry December (in shorts, no less)! A friend is visiting from Oregon and I’m going to ask/twit her about their rain laws…. 🙂

    • Not so much shorts these days P – quite cold what with all the rain we’ve been having in the suck heap. At least where I live 😉
      I’d like to hear what she has to say about that whole story…

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