A giggle…

…that’s not a joke 😉

Saw a likely looking dude at the shops today. Tall, broad shoulders, lovely hands, probably late forties, early fifties – well looked after. no sign of a wedding ring, although that means next to nothing these days.

In my trolley, I had dog food. 6 litres of full cream, long life milk. A bottle of coffee. A packet of Romany cream vanilla & chocolate, a box of salticrax and a packet of Jelly sweets.

In his trolley – fresh broccoli. Banana’s. Carrots. No milk that I could see, no coffee either. All healthy foodstuffs – probably his week’s worth of shopping.

Did he even give me a second glance? I doubt I even got a first glance! Me with my frumpy jeans and frumpy short and frumpy hair – in short, nothing to make anybody give me a glance at all.

Nevertheless, I am comfortable in my frumpyness – probably not going to pull out the stops and do the hair every morning and the nails every few days, nor am I likely to put on more make-up than I really have to to not look like a sick person. Which basically means eyeliner 😉 And, in all likelihood, my frumpy, very comfortable clothes will stay – I’m too old not to be comfy in my clothes! Just because I might garner a look from a random dude? In my experience, if you dress up, it’s usually the men you DON’T want looking that does!


One the way back home, I was sitting thinking about this dude. And I had to laugh. Because, other than that he’s likely looking, meaning he’s a nice looking bloke, I would not know what to do with the man should he have attempted a conversation, let alone a relationship. I can so see myself eating healthy – NOT! Like it’s going to happen that I will ever see the inside of a gym, or the hardtop from anywhere but the comfort of my car! Let somebody that looks all that together into my ant’s nest of a house? Maybe not so much!

Not to mention the fact that a man like that, goes for chicks that looks like that. The slim, perky type. With legs that does not stop and boobs to die for. Not somebody like me, she says self-deprecatingly…

And, a guy that spends all his time going to gym and being healthy would not have time to do the things I would want a man to do with and for me.

Oh well. It’s been a while since I saw a likely looking dude in any guise. And, if nothing else, at least I got a blog post out of the experience!

Maybe, if I spotted a Mustang in the parking lot, I might have tried something 😉



PS – can somebody confirm if this rumour is true – apparently it’s illegal in America to catch and store rain water?

27 comments on “A giggle…

    • Actually P, I’m quite speechless. Rain water falls from the actual sky. Randomly. if you catch it anything from a barrel to a dam, what is the effing diffs?
      I have a post brewing, just wanted to get all my facts straight before I start it.
      I dunno. People are becoming just a tad silly. Yet we take ourselves so very seriously!

  1. Trusting Paulette’s (Persecution of Mildred Dunlop” above) fine researching skills, I read the article. Phew! It’s a wee bit different than what it sounds like, but still utterly stupid. BTW, it states you can collect in rain barrels, etc., he just went a tad overboard, though he did have permits, so still stupid!

    We’ve become such a nanny state country that you’re lucky to not have a permit to breathe, much less exist!

    • Oops, got me sidetracked there. Eye candy, eye pleasure, dream material for the book, who cares – you’re alive and appreciative. What a great screening method – what is in their shopping carts for true harmony!

      • We have a saying here – mooi was not nooit lelik nie. Meaning, something pretty is never ugly 😉
        and looking is ultimately a free occupation, and dreaming too 😉

    • If the guy has space for damns, and rain fills up those damns, I can’t see what the issue is. We used to have a reservoir like that on our farm back in the day – if it’s a place where it does not rain much, catching rain water makes a whole lor of sense. And not only in barrels.
      People are getting more and more stupid as they get more and more technologically advanced.

      • In this case, clearly the problem lies with Oregon, which is known for its beauty and artists and straight up williness. Hmm, that was supposed to read “silliness,” but that works, too!

  2. In my experience, the best looking guys are gay, especially the ones who buy health foods 😉 Either that, or they’re in love with themselves and only bother with women who drape themselves about them like empty-headed tinsel.

    I say, put men to the test by being yourself. Real men don’t care about women wearing clothes for comfort rather than fashion and having untidy hair. Some of the most intelligent people I’ve met, have been as scruffy as hell.

    • The thing is Sarah – it’s OK for a dude to be scruffy. Never a chick! And there I am – as you rightly said. if all a dude worries about is what I look like, I can’t fathom why I would bother with him in the first place!

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