I think the Universe is angry…

We’ve been having rainstorms these last few weeks that is quite scary in their intensity. Thunder and lightning, wind blowing hither and tither, hailstones the size of golf balls. Hectic!! Much as I love a good thunderstorm, the ones we’ve been having is quite scary. And the rain just keeps on coming and coming. big drops, small drops, cloudbursts and drizzle. The garden is of course loving all the water. my nerves while driving, not so much!! This afternoon at work we had to wait for the storm to abate before we could leave. And even then, I could travel no faster than about 60 km’s per hour on the highway because of poor visibility.

Tonight we had supper with the family. the whole family, BiL included. looks like his road will be splitting from ours in the near future. don’t quite know how they’re going to do it, what their plans are, and I have to say – it will take some getting used to, not having him around. It has been 20 odd years. But I suppose, if something is not working, it’s not working. no use flogging a dead horse.

anyhow. I took the all you can eat ribs and chicken wings. I could not even finish one plate. and I’m still feeling stuffed to the gills! We had our birthdays celebrated by all the waiters singing their little song, and now it really is over for the next year. Still. This was not a bad year come to think of it. now, if I can just do everything at work perfectly so that they won’t want to get rid of me, next year may follow in this one’s footsteps. Then again, we all have to travel the road ahead of us – nothing for it. and, should I not become permanent there, then I know where my road will lead me to next. The trick is to try and find the one thing you have to be thankful for. Because there’s always something.

I’m thinking of making my sister a few wall-hangings with nice sayings on them. Just to sort of prop her up in the dark days ahead.

Time for bed now. Yet another full day over with, with a visit from the big black cat, so it’s all good.

Bonne nuit…


9 comments on “Phew!

    • One can only hope it will be a better one than last year P!
      As for sis, I don’t envy her the journey she’s on right now. Can only hope she makes it through to the other side…

  1. No good thinking of all the might-be’s. Believe it or not, sometimes they really don’t happen 😉
    I wouldn’t like that weather of yours, not that I’m averse to occasional civilised thunderstorms, but not all this freaky stuff that’s happening around the globe. Someone told me that every decade or so, the sun’s magnetic pole does a somersault and upsets everything here on earth. I’m no scientist, so cannot verify this, but maybe it’s doing its solar warm-ups just now, before the big jump.

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