Three days to go until the thirtieth.

And there’s no way i’ll have 50 000 words by then. What I could do is faff with what I do have and maybe flesh it out for entry next year. Or I can try and work in some kind of mystery. or treasure hunt. or get and actual bad guy in the form of maybe a stalker or something. as it is, i have 418 e mails that I have to wade through. That’s probably going to take me another month! With new ones every day. i might have to skip some of them otherwise I’ll never be on an even keel again!

Saw a good idea today for my floor. The two I want to de-carpet and re-cement. All done with just paint. Looks like they fill up the craters with some or other kind of floor filler instead of coating it with a layer of cement as I thought i would have to do. Alas, I will first have to clear out the one room of all children’s crap. And that might be easier said than done… but doable I suppose given some perseverance and quite a bit of energy. Think I need to sell some of the stuff eventually. But not just yet.

For now, I will slowly be re-entering the world of cyberspace, to be more than a lone voice, but a real presence πŸ˜‰ I am certain you guys missed my quirky quips on your blogs πŸ˜‰

Yeah right! More like you breathed a sigh of relief!!

Got stuck in a traffic jam today. a minibus taxi crashed. Looks like it rolled. Two helicopters landed to transport the worst injured to hospitals. Took me an hour to get to the scene of the accident because they close the road if the heli’s lands. 6 shiny blanket covered bodies. FUBAR. Such a sad thing to see. innocent people, on their way to work, and now they’re dead. Just like that. Luckily the bosses are not there at the moment so there was no reproachful looks when I got in late. Why can bosses never understand traffic?


Hope you enjoy the song I chose for you today. I’m wondering if it will be a good thing for me to go to the studio, and if I should maybe not have an early evening. The jury is still out on that one.

Enjoy the day and the evening peeps. We’re just a little closer to the weekend baby!!


13 comments on “so.

  1. Don’t worry about three days left. You have taken up a huge challenge and lived to tell the tale. It’s an experience all in itself. Now you have something you can work on at your leisure πŸ™‚
    Makes me wince after reading about the accident. Dreadful loss.

  2. To celebrate your creativity, they released the DVD of Red 2! Just watched it. Like old home week. I am so proud of you, J! Well done come what may. Well done, J.

  3. Why abandon your novel to next year? Can’t you just continue with it until it’s finished and then get one of your good-hearted fellow-writing friends (moi) to give it a readthrough and some constructive feedback? If you shelve it until next November, you’ll lose track of where you were going with it and never finish the thing. November 30th is just a date, not an ultimatum πŸ˜‰

    • Not leave it until next year – I thought I could use what i do have and do proper research, maybe get some intrigue and stuff in there. Learn how to do dialogue that does not sound quite as stilted as I think it does.
      And then, when the next NaNo comes along, I can just upload the whole thing πŸ˜‰

      • Two suggestions. Read your dialogue out loud and you’ll most likely hear what doesn’t work. Also, look back through some novels you’ve really enjoyed reading and make a study of what it is that makes the dialogue work.

        I’m really glad to hear you’re persevering, but you needn’t wait to upload the whole thing next November, if the novel is ready before to submit somewhere (without submitting the first draft, of course, as I did with my first novel!) πŸ™‚

  4. Heard about the accident on the news. Such a scary thought that we drive on the roads where things like this are almost a daily occurrence…
    You’d never catch up with all the emails! I’d rather just start fresh

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