Happy birthday…

…to me.

What a day!!!

Wish all my birthdays could be like this one!

Brought a cake to work, everybody got a piece and they all wished me happy b day. The Porra, well, the Porra totally outdid himself! Fillet for supper and a whole bag full of gifts. A whole bottle of Jack Daniels. Remember mine got stolen? Now I have a full one. And some chocolates. And a mug. And a fridge magnet. And shot glasses 😉 And lunch for tomorrow in an actual lunch box. Yes well. I could get used to this kind of treatment!

FB was filled with messages.

And now it’s late, time for old ladies like me to go to sleep.

I have to say, may the next year be as filled with good cheer and good vibes as today was. I’ll take a thousand of them thanks!!

Hope your day was a good one.

Let me sign off with an old, lesser known, but very appropriate song…


27 comments on “Happy birthday…

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to have missed your birthday. I didn’t read any blogs yesterday or visit FB. Herewith, my belated birthday wishes speeding around the globe in your direction. And hey there, fellow sagittarian, my birthday is this week, too — albeit one I’d rather not think about as it marks the end of yet another decade D:

    • no sorry’s needed Sarah 😉
      i can only hope I remember yours next week.
      We Sag’s have to stand together!!! decade or not, a b day is a b day and the one day of the year that you deserve to feel special on 🙂
      I’m not that far away from my own decade 😉

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