Been a while…

…but I’m still here.

Albeit in a slightly removed fashion.

I’m stumped with what to write. Can’t find an antagonist i can live with other than the normal exes and kids. So I chose work šŸ˜‰

Home life is still filled with the kid. Bought his ticket to Belgium yesterday. He’ll be flying off on the 12th of January, and then I’ll be all alone, except for mom and sister. Still, I now have two places to go visit at.

Had a 2.5 hour Skype conversation with the eldest yesterday. We sort of decided that, should I continue working where I do, I’ll start saving voraciously, and visit the both of them in October sometime next year. If he buys the ticket in Dubai, I can leave here, spend a few days with him there, then we can both fly over to Belgium and visit the youngest, and then fly back again via Dubai. Paris came up as a destination, as well as London – since I will have maximum two weeks it will be a whirlwind visit, but I’ll be happy to have seen places I’ve only ever dreamed of seeing. And I’ll be with both my boys, and we’ll be having an adult holiday. Hmm. maybe I should lose weight for the holiday. might just get lucky and find something worth knowing across the waters!

Speaking of which. Remember the Porra? A while ago I saw on FB that he now has a GF. Wished him for his B day in October sometime, also thanks to FB, and that was it. Last week I get a message from him. How about i have supper with him for my b day next week. I pick the menu and he will cook it. So. I asked what about the GF. Won’t she mind? Don’t have one, so no. When did this happen? I asked him. Oh, last week. Took him a week to decide to try and fill a place with somebody else. Yes, I realise the reason for the invite. He, on the other hand though, also know that I’m prepared to be friend, but nothing else. As the eldest puts it – Free food. indeed. And the Porra is very generous, so I’ll probably get a decent gift out of the deal too. Beats being alone on my b day like last year! Poor guy though – got to feel sorry for him. Apparently the chick left him because he was no Christian enough. Such silliness! He was not the guy for me, nor I the girl for him, but really man! If a guy works for you an many levels, and he’s not a bad person, just a hurt person, surely you can live with the fact that he does not go to church all the time? Being spiritual, trying to be a good person, should not be a negative factor. I mean, the guy does not even curse for heaven’s sake! Oh well. Not my business, not my problem. Then again, I know how these things work – they might get back together again for a second try and then he’ll have to cancel the b day supper šŸ˜‰

Luckily, I’m sort of expecting it, so I’ll be OK should that happen.

The little fish are not so little anymore. I’ve seen a few that’s upwards of three centimetres already, so they must be happy in the pond, even if frogs don’t find it all that inviting.

Work is still very OK. had our Christmas braai on Friday, and the bosses are leaving for Africa on Tuesday for two weeks. Kind of like a holiday for those of us that’s left behind. I’ve started sorting out and throwing out and organising my space a bit. There’s a whole bunch of rubbish in the drawers and in the cupboards that needed throwing away a long time ago. Now I know where most things needs to be filed. Will probably spend most of the next two weeks shredding old documents. Such fun!!!

On that note, let me leave you with Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee.

Hope your weekend was spectacular!


8 comments on “Been a while…

  1. It’s good to hear from you, Ms. g. I thought you were buried with the Nano whatever writing. Advance happy birthday and here’s hoping that you will get to visit the boys.

  2. So great to hear from you, J! Thought you’d be pedal to the medal finishing up the 30 days. Psst, you’re not supposed to like the antagonist… That’s why they so frequently get killed off. Great news about the 2.5 hour skype call with your son and the ideas for the trip next October. When is the birthday? Regardless, may this coming year be your best yet!

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