Late night.

I’m still getting words out there.

Had the worst night’s sleep last night – it’s almost too hot to breathe here. And moggy. I woke up from the thunder that played the whole night. Then I woke because I was sweating fit to melt – not sure if is was a hot flush or just outside heat, but man! It was not pleasant!

And this afternoon, while getting ready for my outing with the sister, which was very enjoyable, I lost litres of fluid while getting ready. Sometimes I absolutely hate the way my body works. Then again, it’s cheap – since I don’t even bother putting on make-up I don’t have to buy any 😉

Anyhow. On a good wicket tonight. Thought about it the whole day today, so now it’s flooding out of my system at a rate of knots.

Maybe it will rain again up here tonight, bring the heat down a bit, and let me sleep. Which is where I’m headed in the next few minutes.

The month is almost done and I don’t have nearly enough words just yet, but I’m still going strong. And I have to just say thanks for everybody’s words of support even though I’ve been very remiss in going to your spots. Not too long now, then I’ll be back in full swing!

Have a good one!


9 comments on “Late night.

  1. I don’t know if the thunderstorm was still going on here by us this morning but there was something that caused me to jump out of bed at 5 am. Even though I basically went straight back to sleep, it’s not cool being woken up at that time if it’s unnecessary 😕

  2. That’s why I love Washington State. Rain, rain and more rain! It rained today. It is still raining. Loved that you’re writing your wits out, J! As said above, “it is not over ’til it’s over. ” Put the music on and write!

  3. sweltering . . . I don’t want to complain, for I’ll take the heat any day before I lose myself in the cold of winter, although last winter did not have me cowering in long sleeved pants, either . . . I have a ceiling fan in my room, and a window right beside my bed. I’m good enough for now 😉 xx

  4. oh yeah, and I have posted another chapter in my Afrikaans story . . . I apologize for the long wait, kaereste! I have a story that I have worked on for three years, and just started to have an interest in trying to finish it. good idea if I post it like a regular post and see where the interest lie? have a great day!! xxxx

  5. We had an overhead storm only a few days ago, complete with freezing hail. It was as dark as twilight as I sat eating my breakfast. We’ve also had some days when I’ve been able to sit out in the sun, with my sleeves and trouser-legs rolled up. It’s meant to be the autumn here.
    Wonder if I’d sweat in your country. Not sure. I gave up going to saunas years ago, as I’d sit there for 20 minutes and still remain bone-dry.
    Glad the writing is still going strong. And I’m not feeling neglected at all. In fact, I’m doing my fair share of neglecting, too, while trying to integrate some of my beta reader’s suggestions into my novel.

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