…I start writing.

Thought I’d get a quick post in – just so you don’t forget about me here in the suck heap!

Went to a maul with the kid today. Got a shirt and a cool pair of jeans out of the deal. Both men’s items of clothing – will have to see if the jeans fit!

Alas. All is not well in Ghia’s world today. Had a stuff up at work yesterday. can be fixed, but I don’t know that the boss repercussions would be. And then, I got the worst news last night at the studio. My instructor has resigned. That just sucks donkey’s balls!! I can always carry on dancing, but I find it not quite so much fun with the other fellows than I did with my current one. might have to completely change studios now. I’ll see what the future holds for me – maybe I’m not supposed to carry on dancing, but I don’t think so. Something this great, I doubt that the universe would want me to let go of the one thing I do well!!

Saturday night, missing somebody that I don’t know yet, no real idea of what I should write about tonight, getting hungry – at least I have some cheese grillers in the kitchen, some coffee to drink and some decedent chocolate hidden centre cupcakes to eat so all is not lost.

Hope your Saturday is splendid!


6 comments on “Before…

    • The news hit me kind of hard P. I’ll just have to see what the new year brings me – no use jumping the gun just yet. One never knows what the future holds 😉

  1. Hold on there, G! Nature abhors a vacuum – maybe a new instructor comes along who is the equal, if not maybe even better. That tune – when I was about five years old, people would always address me as Peggy Lee – used to make me squirm. Now that is a hot song! Maybe borrow the words from it for your sex scenes?

  2. Let’s hope your boss is having a good weekend, then your stuff up at work will doubtless be forgotten. That’s tough about your dancing class. It’s so important to have the right teacher — makes all the difference, right from our school days, throughout life. My favourite teachers were for English, Art and Music, hence my interests now. If you don’t feel an affinity with your replacement dancing teacher, it’s probably best to move classes, as you’re not at school and have a choice.

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