…been doing that since seven pm!

Think my body might be trying to tell me something?

Think an early night won’t kill me. I did only 900 odd words tonight, so I will have to catch up over the weekend – then again, that’s what weekends are for, not so? I decided to skip the sex scene for a bit. I’ve put down the basics, I don’t suppose everybody has to know exactly how her nipples compares to peach blossoms or some such shit. Think when you reach a certain age, the silly comparisons are just that, silly, The blush of youth has long since faded and stretch marks rather than pencil test pass rates are at the order of the day. Suppose the guy will have to kiss each stretch mark, even if only to make the chick feel better about herself, being naked in front of a man. Oh well. That’a a worry for another day.

Dancing tomorrow night, show on Sunday, and I might even join the write in they have her in my neck of the woods. Now I must only figure out where the Mugg & Bean in Menlyn is. Luckily we all have maps 😉

For now, let me leave you with a smoky jazz tune – just the ticket when you’re dreaming of your, possibly yet unborn, soul mate 😉



15 comments on “Yawning…

  1. Oh, J, that piece of music! Just what I thought it would be like when I grew up. Makes me unkink and unwind just listening to it. Thank you!

    Hey! Stretch marks are the GPS of the ultimate in fulfillment, not so? 😉

    • I’m probably going to use the stretchmark thing P – we all feel bad about them, but there’s nothing for it – if you have them, you have them 😉
      Glad you liked the tune – it was a good one 😉

  2. My average word count is 800-900 per day. Now you can see why I don’t try writing a book in a month. I’m far to slow and ponderous. I think you’re doing brilliantly managing more than that most days.
    Re writing the sex scenes. It’s all to do with being in the mood and not trying too hard, just as it is with real live sex 😉

    • I miss real live sex Sarah 😉 I’ll have to delve into my memory banks to remember how it was many moons ago!
      I have to catch up this weekend – have 5000 to write to catch up properly. I’ll go where the words take me…

      • The beauty of creating men in novels, is that you can delve into your memory banks and create composite characters that are partially based on someone or several people you’ve known from real life and partially based on your fantasy ideal!

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  4. I, too, write fast and a lot in one evening/morning . . . and then take days to sculpt that chapter into readable material . . . I guess that is my kind of draft, although I have the basic storyline printed onto another page. 😉

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