The scene.

I’m writing it.

Now I can only hope it does not sound corny.

Then again, corny seems to be the deciding factor these days – apparently that ghastly grey series has surpassed all seven the Harry Potters. mind boggling actually – realising that there are so many idiotic people out there that would actually spend money on that crap! I’ve read the first one – not even one hot flush. And I get my kicks from the written word, so you must know how bad it really was if it did not even flicker on my heat up radar!

Anyhow. Got 3000 words down tonight. And I’m starting on the scene. The sex scene. I think it will be the only explicit one in the story. The rest will be innuendo rather than fact. Since this is not erotica, but romance. But man, it’s difficult!! I know what it feels like, but to describe it in words – not so easy. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow night.

Until then, have a splendid evening, and from a wet Pretoria, in the middle of the world’s greatest suck heap, I wish you a good night!


16 comments on “The scene.

    • Yes, you just grin!! You have no idea how difficult it is P! And I must have read millions of those scenes, but when I say those things I just sound silly to myself! Might have to give it just a ” He looked deep into her eyes, her stomach fluttered” And then she wakes up in a strange bed 😉

      • Oh, but I do know just how difficult is is to write those scenes…. “And his heaving chest pinned her to the Murphy bed…” 😉 Huge grin! Your last sentence reminds me of my friends back in the ol’ days: “And, suddenly, all our clothes were off…”

  1. Like you, I read the first grey book — with difficulty. Nearly stopped after the first 50 pages, or whenever ‘The contract’ came into being. I hate all that bondage stuff and find it really depressing that more people want to read about that than about Harry Potter D:
    Sex scenes stemming from romantic love — now that is a different matter. I absolutely adore writing them. In my latest novel, I’ve truly challenged myself by writing all the sex scenes from a male point of view.
    Go for it, I say! Fall in love with your male protagonist, and the words will flow.

    • I think bondage does play a role. But that particular Dom was stupid to think he could be one with somebody that’s not a true submissive. I’ve never experienced it, but i have read a lot about it, and that’s what irritated me in this book. If you’re going to write a sex scene, at least do it so your reader can get all hot.
      Then again, lots of people must have gotten hot if the sales figures are to go by.
      maybe we’re just not dumb enough? Or not inclined to be taken for a fool? I dunno – glad I have somebody in my corner though 😉
      Concerning my sex scene – I was doing the prelims last night. And as I was typing, I was getting all hot and bothered, but still the words just don’t sound right to me. I think I’ll have to return at a later stage… And I think I am quite in love with this man. He’s just everything a man should be in my eyes 😉

    • I decided to skip it for a bit AD – can always come back to it later. I never thought i’d struggle with it – not after having read so many of them!!

  2. That is one thing I will never put in my stories, and that is explicit sex scenes. maybe I will motivate the idea to one, and then just cut it off to leave the reader with his own imagination . . . 😉 you are doing good!! xxx

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