Yes well…


It would seem that the Universe is conspiring against me! 

I did not have anything planned for tonight. The idea was to come home from work, plonk myself down in front of the computer and let rip. And then the mom phoned. With the prospect of food. What was I going to do – look a gift horse in the mouth? I think not!! Fact remains though, I have to write. Can’t be bargaining on the weekends to set everything right. At this point of my story, or rather, the random insert I’m busy with right now sees the chick going to the dude’s actual abode at this point of the story. For the first time. Spur of the moment. Now I have to put meat around those particular thoughts. 

My inbox is steadily getting fuller and fuller – quite a daunting prospect the see 175 unread mails in your inbox and hardly ever any time to read any of them!

Maybe I should devote some time to my faithful readers tonight and not do anything other than write tomorrow night. Maybe not such a bad idea – I don’t have all that long before I have to go to bed for some actual sleeping as opposed to mainly dreaming 😉

Must say. The story I’m writing seems so real to me – almost as if what I describe can actually happen to me. Wonder what I would do if it did come to pass – probably shit myself and run like the wind!

Anyhow. Heard this song tonight on the way home from mom. With a full stomach but an empty house waiting for me. Maybe you can feel what I felt…


19 comments on “Yes well…

    • it’s the strangest thing P!!
      But hey, I am writing a love story that works for me, so I suppose if it did not fell real I would not be true to myself 😉

  1. Too true. Colonialist is right. The story is like a movie you are directing and know all the parts to. Go, Ghia. Go.
    On, and about the interruptions, they happen but you do the best you can. At least you came home full. 🙂

    • Oh no!!! 1000 would daunt me completely!! I do empty it out each day – only blogs that I still have to read that’s in there at the moment. the rest I’ve marked as read and some moved to a still to read folder 😉

    • I can’t explain it chickpea – it’s like I’m waiting for something, and then I realise that no, you’re thinking about the book 😉
      But I’m loving it!!

  2. I for one am enjoying the process – this presents a real time feel to your days – not that it didn’t before, but it lacked the excitement, the dream(s), the sense of wonder and flying by the seat of your pants – keep on writing and telling us!

    • P, I wish you could share this journey with me in real life. I can see us chatting over numerous cups of coffee, many smokes, and dissecting everything.
      Alas, we can not. Glad you’re enjoying my process – I’m living it, and getting these things down on screen – it’s proving cathartic to say the least.
      As long as you can bear with me not being able to read all that I have to, I’m happy to share my excitement with you 😉

      • Wouldn’t that be a blast, and it would be exactly as you visualize! I am with you in spirit – that hovering over your shoulder – that’s me! 🙂 so pleased for you!

  3. No, the universe isn’t conspiring against you! A free meal, great 🙂 That being said, I see it as a great positive that you FEEL as if the universe is conspiring against you when real life keeps you from the alternative world of your novel.
    I know the feeling, all too well! It happens to me on a daily basis.

    • It’s the strangest thing Sarah! When I’m at work, I think about it. While I’m driving I think about it. Wherever I am, I’m picking up bits and pieces of what’s still to come.
      It’s quite unnerving actually, but I think I could get used to this!

  4. oh, god, moulin rouge was one of my favorite movies . . . and this song! just heaven. I really love Nicole . . . anyway, what I believe is that when a person writes, he puts himself into the words. writing is just a form of trying to understand yourself and a way for people to meet the real you when in fact you can’t express it any other way . . . with a twist! 😉 xxx

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