And here I am…

…yet again!

What a few days!!!

Since I posted last, and, for that matter, last wrote anything, I went dancing – and did a GREAT cha-cha! I went to see the new Thor movie – that young man, washing his gloriously ripped torso, well worth the sacrifice of spending time with irritating humans. Since I won the tickets, we got free pop corn, free coke, and free 3D glasses, and watched a most amazing movie! Went to visit the family on friday night and when I got home I decided to spend some time with my current projects and go to sleep early. Since the pond pump stopped working on Wednesday and that, and the roof, had to be done today.

I ended up buying another pond pump, and it turns out dear darling Ben took a liking to the fitting and THAT’s why it stopped working. Not because the pump was damaged. It’s all fixed now, just waiting for the silicon to dry so I can plonk the new pump in the pond and switch it on. The roof is not completely done – one of the trusses have to be replaced first. But we made a start.

And, while I was working at the pond, I saw something small swimming. Got all happy thinking it was tadpoles. Not quite. The fish in the pond spawned and now a swarm of little fishes are swimming around in the murky water. Quite exiting!! And I have a flower on one of the pond plants. Think it’s the water iris that’s flowering – too lovely. At my workplace there’s a pond with lovely lilies in – I want to aske the old man if he might make a donation for the good of my pond 😉

And now, now I’ve sat down in front of my PC for the first time since Wednesday night. I’ve given my story a lot of thought – I’m going to have to, somewhere, put in some kind of negative action. And my hero needs a bit of a blackening too. At the moment, he’s absolutely perfect, and we all know, there’s no such thing as a perfect person. Then again, he might just be perfect for me – somebody else may think he’s not all that perfect. But since I’m writing him to life for me, it’s all good!

I’m leaving you with a cute song from my repertoire – hope you enjoy!

Until we meet again – may your days be long upon the earth.

19 comments on “And here I am…

    • I loved the song P, but man!! The moves were just lovely!!
      As for the little fish – quite heartwarming actually. Means the fish are happy where they are – and that’s always a good thing 😉
      I even have a bit of a sunburn after the day spent out in the sun – and wrote more than 2000 words this afternoon – the hiatus must have done me the world of good 😉

    • Tess, I just hope I can keep up the pace for the rest of the month!! But I never seem to get to reading everybody else’s blogs and that somewhat bugs me! Truth be told, after I’ve typed all these words, all I want to do is relax and become mindless. Hopefully tomorrow i can get to reading at least some if not all.
      It was fun sweating a bit today – don’t do it nearly often enough!!
      2700 words written today and counting 😉

      • Fab-U-lous. You ARE doing well. 😀
        I know how you feel after putting your hear and soul into your writing. Yes, it is WORK.
        Keeping up with all my subscribers uses all my brain power every day. By the time I get around to writing, I’m cleaned out and my brain wants to veg.

  1. Hope you get that waterlily for the pond. If you ask really nicely, how can he refuse? The ‘blackening’ of your male character should be quite exciting. Enjoy! 🙂

    • The blackening will probably take the guise of a rugrat AD 😉 Can’t think of anything worse other than murder 🙂
      I just have to scrape up the courage to ask the old man – he’s not a very approachable character!!

    • Watching them swim in a tank is way different from seeing, or rather, trying to see them, in the pond 😉 It’s not quite clear, and won’t be until I put in a filter, but until then, I’ll watch out for them at the top somewhere 🙂

  2. Ah, it’s good to be back again . . . missed you, kaereste! Had problems with Vodacom these last two weeks, to no surprise, and welcomed the break! What you writing?? xxx 😉

  3. I love flawed heroes. It’s so much fun thinking up dark secrets for them and drip-feeding little clues and hints about their past, building up to that ah-hah revelation toward the end of the novel. No reason why an imperfect man shouldn’t be “perfect” too: then a woman doesn’t have to work too hard covering up her own flaws (unless the man’s area of imperfection is him wanting a perfect woman!).

    • I’m sure another female would find this one’s perfections to be rather imperfect. But, for me, he is absolutely perfect. but nobody lives a full life without causing some kind of ruckus – I just need to determine what this one’s ruckus would be. Seeing as he comes across like a bad boy but without the arse-iness that that inspires 😉
      I have no idea though Sarah – I’m going where the words take me.

      • Yes, that’s good to go where the words take you. I find that the characters I create, often take lead me down surprise paths and spring all sorts of surprises upon me.

        I think you’re working hard on your book, as you’re much quieter than usual 😉

        Mine’s out with the beta readers now, so I’m going to do a bit of blog catching up this week, as well as starting on my synopsis. I am feeling nervous, in case my readers hate my story.

      • I’m sorry I’m so scarce Sarah!! yep, I am working hard on the book – it completely wrings my brain dry every night. I’ll be back up and running when it’s done, and I hope to catch up on some blogs during the next few days.
        Good luck with your story!!!

  4. We’ll wait on you getting back to us, J! I am so thrilled to hear of your joy and your progress. As to the old man and getting a sample, I bet he will be gruff and wholly secretly pleased as punch that someone admired his pond enough to ask – somebody who understands ponds and actually built her own… Doesn’t get any better than that! Courage! Ask! Just duck if he barks!

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