..of plans for today.

Got up early again. Got the laundry on the line and then the kid let me know that he’s on his way to take me to go and have something to eat. And I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. No Sir!!

While the laundry was being washed, I used the time to start painting mom and sister’s gifts – looking good so far!

Then the kid rocked up and we go. Off to a maul. Not for want of me trying to stop him, but hey, He paid for everything so I had to go where he wanted to go to. And since he was driving, fine. We went. Had an enjoyable lunch while observing the couple behind us that were on their phones chatting to other people, but did not say a single word to one another. So much for human interaction…

On the way out of the maul, we stopped by the movies – I wanted to see if Riddick was showing. It was. The kid offered to stick me for a movie and off he went to go and draw cash. I went outside to the parking lot to have a smoke before the movie starts.

There I was, parking off, minding my own business, having a quiet smoke while reading my book in the parking lot, and in walks these two old farts, and the guy remarks loudly to his sidekick female – “Look at that stupid cow smoking where she’s not supposed to” While looking at me. I looked at the dick, and I was stunned! Dude! Really!! Where are you manners? If you’re going to call me a stupid cow, at least come and stand in front of me so I can punch your nose in! Or have the good grace to say it where I can’t hear you. And there were absolutely not a single Non-Smoking sign up anywhere. Who on earth gave you the right to have anything to say about my habits? Did I harm you on any way? Did I piss on your car? Blow my smoke in your face? But hey. He’s entitled to his opinion. Everybody are these days. No need for being a decent person anymore. I’m still rankling about this. Tell me again why I should give people any quarter? Why I should let them say what they like? Do they think me uncouth because I smoke? At least I have the upbringing to keep my mouth shut about other people unless I can speak to them face to face. And if I do make snide remarks, I do it where it won’t harm the person in question. Because how I feel about them is nobody’s business but my own.

Effing old man!!

I still enjoyed the movie – Vin Diesel is quite the luscious specimen. And his moves in all his movies – just the ticked for a few hours of mindless fun.

For now, I’m starting my writing for the evening, having, yet again, not gotten to everybody’s stuff today. Bear with me please. They’re all sitting in my inbox. I’m not deleting them until I have had a chance to read and comment.

Let me leave you with this tune.


8 comments on “Change…

  1. Can’t believe that guy was so rude. I think I would have stripped my moer and gone over to him to give him a piece of my mind. Other than that, it sounds like it was a good day

  2. Without question, he was out of line, J. Happens all the time here in the States – we’re not allowed within 25 feet of a door…. and even when you do all the things required, they still give you cheap grief and unsolicited advice, while using our tax dollars for some favorite program or other. We pay $10 for a pack of cigarettes here at our local stores…. The thing is when we let these a$$_____ get inside our heads, they win. We call it living in our head rent free. How wonderful that your son took you to breakfast and a movie. Nice!

  3. Standard answer for that kind of rudeness – “At least I can stop smoking if I want to but unfortunately you will always remain a rude, uncouth arsehole – feel sorry for your poor wife”

  4. I see smoking as my contribution to the economy. I pay humungous tax on tobacco and with any luck will not live long enough to become a burden on society. I never smoke near anyone who finds it offensive – so sod ’em 🙂

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