I’m doing relatively well.

Wrote 2126 words tonight. And the story seems to go well. Of course I’m only on the second meet, and I have less ideas on conversation. I’ve not had many of those these last few years!!

But today was super productive in more ways than one. And I was up at what felt like sparrow’s fart.

Since I have two kids, they each have to get the same gifts. So today I started on the youngest’s advent calender. Cut it out, cur out the doors. Cut the cloth for the door linings, painted both the tree and the doors. And then I started on mom and sister’s gifts – the hanging b day calenders. They have both been assembled – not without a bit of difficulty, but they’re lying on the dining room table. Paint mixed, words cut out and on the project. Am now hovering between going to bed or painting a little bit more.

Ellenor Moore is playing a lot of the Ray Conniff singers tonight. Interspersed with the shattering sounds of Divali in my immediate surrounds, terrified dog inside, mad dogs outside barking their heads off – such fun!

Had a shower before I sat down to write, so I can go to bed all clean.Β I’m thinking that’s a better idea at this moment. My body’s tired, my brain feels too full – can’t really concentrate on anything much right now.

I’ll get up early again tomorrow, and then I can get to the blogs I did not get to today, do some laundry, fold some laundry, and paint some more before I start writing again when the sun starts sinking below the horizon.

Hope your day was fun filled and happy peeps.

I’m signing off for now…

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