I’m using too many.

Up to 1713 for now.

Time for bed I think – tomorrow is, after all, yet another day!

And hear this tune – I think it’s just gorgeous!

Good night folks. Until tomorrow…


15 comments on “Words.

    • Stopping for the night – another good wicket tonight.
      I’ll see if it carries on like this. But I have not read it through just yet. Will do that on day 10 I think 😉

      • Reading through? Are you sure that’s a good idea? I promise you that my best result so far has been achieved by resisting all temptation to read through until the end. It’s all about keeping the forward momentum going and getting that idea down.

        Of course we’re all different, but it’s a good idea to assume you’ll need to edit at some stage, so why not just leave it to the end?

        Am I being too bossy here? Just trying to keep you on track, as you’re going to be so chuffed when you type those two words THE END, and you’ll reach them quicker if you don’t put on that editing cap just now.

      • Maybe I should prevail on you to read it and see if it makes sense – continuity wise. If it’s not maybe too drawn out, or if I could have said something with less words, or in a better way – I don’t think that’s something one picks up from one’s own stuff.

      • Only when you reach the end and see the work as a whole can you sometimes weigh up whether it makes sense or not. What you might find when you’ve completed the first draft, is that it’s like a jigsaw puzzle with the four sides in tact but random pieces still missing. On reading it through, you’ll most likely know what to fill those gaps with, or you might want to move parts of the story about into a different order, or chop your first chapter and start later in the story. It doesn’t matter at this stage. As long as it makes sense to you, don’t worry about what others might think. It’s early days and best to just go for it — write, write, and write, and when you’re not writing, think about the story and the characters. I do a lot of thinking whilst brushing my teeth and washing my face. No idea why, but I get cross if anyone interrupts me when I’m having my think!

        Of course, I will look at it, but not until you’ve typed The End. Then I’ll do whatever level of critique you want.

        I know that reading one’s own work out loud, can throw up all sorts of tautologies and ridiculous sentences. When I started out, I had far too many passive sentences, adverbs, and adjectives, as well as using weak verbs. If you have an issue with any of these things, I’ll let you know — eventually.

        Glad to hear about your fast-mounting word count. Well done 🙂

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