The last night…


The last night of getting home and just parking off, farting around online, reading this, sharing that, laughing at silly jokes.

For tomorrow night peeps, I will be full swing into writing.

Not going to the social evening at the studio – have to get that word count as high as I can. Will do whatever on Saturday during the day but as soon as the garden guy is gone it’s me and my words.

I received an e mail from the local organisers of NANoWriMo – she speaks of write-ins. What on earth is that? It takes place at some or other spot in Menlyn so I presume you get to meet some of the folks that’s also participating, while you sit down looking haggard while drinking coffee and maybe eating something. What I don’t know is if you take your laptop with and sit there writing? I’d like to go even though it will take away time for writing -1670 words per day is not child’s play!!

I will read all the Nano verse e mails, and all the posts that came in today, but from tomorrow night, that’s probably only going to happen over weekends when I have a little more time to do things.

I have a sort of outline. Just things I think of and adding it to the soup that’s currently cooking in my head. So many experiences, what to pick? And I have to sort of not write just another romance novel. There are so many of them out there. I want people to feel what it feels like to want the unattainable, how it feels like when you do get your heart’s desire – since this is my story it is SO going to have a happy ending!! My life’s been shit enough – even if my happy ending is only in word form, it will be out there in the Universe.

So, my fellow nail-biters, let me bid you adieu for the nonce.

I leave you in the good company of this totally cute song I happened across tonight 😉

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10 comments on “The last night…

  1. Good you are hyped. That adrenalin will push your forward.
    The write-in are to keep you hyped. Yes, you bring your laptop. They will have games during which i.e. the first person to write 500 words (or whatever) wins a small prize. They will also be begging for money when they pass the can. I didn’t go to any last year because I like solitude to write.

    All the emails and such are meant to keep your spirits UP when they lag because this is energy sapping hard work, especially as a first-timer. 😀

    You CAN do it. Do the average every day to keep up or go as high as you can because this will help on the days when you might slow down a little. 😉

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