It would seem I am.

In my choice of writing topics.

I thought about it today – maybe I should start taking out our idiotic government’s daily statements. Because believe me! Every day there’s yet another juicily stupid thing some or other of the idiots said. I have to wonder. Are their copy writes stupid? Can the idiots not follow a prompt? or do they just ignore what’s written on their pieces of paper and speak from the heart, as it were…

For instance today. heard that for some or other odd reason, the government wants 100% of South African households to have access to the internet by 2020. Seven years folks. Seven years in which they want to build an infrastructure that is able to run constantly at, I think, a 5 meg line. I’m not entirely certain of the actualities, but thinking of the logistics – I can only cry.

We live in a country where bandwidth is at a premium. To have the privilege of uncapped ADSL, you get to first install a Telkom fixed land line, and then you rent your bandwidth from an ISP. This all costs you in the region of about R600 per month. $60. and then you’re not even ensured of continuous up time. Cables are stolen regularly. They contain copper you see. And copper is a commodity almost as precious as gold these days -well, at the rate they’re stealing telephone and electricity cables, what else can I think?

Once the cables have been stolen, it takes Telkom a while to fix the problem. You, in the meantime, still get to pay both for the nonfunctional Telkom line as well as your ISP.

Then you have your low cost housing settlements. Used to be called squatter camps, and they still are that, but we’re being politically correct here. Those people hardly have food, why on earth would they want internet? To use how exactly? Look for a job? Manual labour is not something that’s advertised on the net, and if you don’t have an education and that’s all you can do, well…

Sure, it might help with education, in fact, it would be brilliant for education. On all levels. Once your world has opened up into the realms of the internet, you see things differently, experience them differently, think about it differently. Which brings me right back to the problem I already mentioned. When your life is filled with a daily struggle to just keep something together, do you really have the time, or the inclination to fart around online? Read News 24 tidbits, post statusses on FB ro silly quips on Twitter… Probably not so much.

Having 100% of the population online is a very noble gesture. And if they can manage it, more power to them. Alas. Me, and all the other taxpayers will, once again, be footing the bill for everybody that’s not working. Since I already pay for my own internet. And I doubt that the government’s magnanimousness will extend to me and the rest of the working stiffs. Nope. We just get to pay for it. As well as our own.

We’re living in a third world country. That, instead of working towards a definitive goal in becoming a first world country again, implements everything that the current first world countries have with no thought of the consequences of running before you can walk. Β Leaving the taxpayers reeling under the ever increasing pressure of trying to make their own life bearable while also footing the bill to make all the unpaid citizen’s lives more bearable as well.

Political views aside though. I’ve decided to give NaNoWriMo2013 a bash. Signed up and everything. I have a synopsis of my novel sitting there, and the ideas are thick in my head. Bringing it to fruition, well, that’s a different kettle of fish, but there’s absolutely no harm in trying. They say I should place excerpts here, try out my ideas, get your views on things. And since many of you that reads me already have a novel or two under the belt, I would appreciate any and all input on such tidbits as I choose to share. Seeing as I don’t have an actual life, I might as well write about it πŸ˜‰

Hope your evening, and day, is splendid!




30 comments on “Slipping.

  1. Yay on your NaNo registration. GOOD for YOU. I did it last year. I thought my brains would explode but I made the finish line. It’s crazy, it’s wonderful and the challenge is wonderful. Go, Ghia, go. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh hum, I can just see the whole population on line. Boy, oh Boy (certain word chosen with tongue in the cheeck), can you see how PCs, laptops and iPads are stolen every night!!

    • Yeah H, I hear you πŸ˜‰
      As I said – I don’t know if they really are as stupid as they come across. I’m sure that can’t be possible – there is probably something else waiting that they’re trying to keep quiet…

  3. Hei J, congratulations on your writing. I would love to help with feedback on your excerpts. And no, not because I have any book under my belt but because I might also ask you to do the same for me. Since, I’m not on the blogs often, when you post your excerpts here, you’re welcome to send me a copy via email (you have my email) and a date by when you except feedback:-)

  4. Your Government sounds a hundred times more exasperating than mine. That internet scheme definitely sounds like putting the cart before the horse and a complete waste of the tax payers’ money.

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