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So today. There we were, at work. The chicks wanted to move offices. One dude moved to a little office at the back, one chick moved from my office to the office next door. But there were a few heavy things that needed to be moved and all the guys were either on lunch, or working. And I thought to myself, myself, you’ve pushed many trolleys before. Just go get one and help the girls move their things around. Since you can.

Which is what I then proceeded to do. Office moved, life can actually go on with minimal help from testosterone.

And then a dude from a financial institution phones me to see if I should not maybe start with some kind of retirement annuity or something. Very well I tell him, if you’re planning to treat me the same as you do all your testosterone manufacturing clients. I had a financial advisor, but since I don’t hunt, and I don’t have an actual dick to measure up against, not to mention the fact of my relatively normal salary, I seem to slip through the cracks.

Therefore, my heading.

Feminism as described on Google. 

the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
Feminism as described by Wikipedia.
Now, I have to say. I don’t think I’m a feminist. I would like to earn the same kind of money a man does, but then I’m going to have to act like a man, do the things a man does. And I don’t. But if I was a ballbusting CEO, I would expect to get the same money as my male counterparts. Doubt very much that I would ever be that though – could not be bothered really. If a man does what I do, he would have to get the same money as I do – it’s only fair.
Alas. Life is rarely fair. And the world has ever been overrun by males.
Not that that is a bad thing. Dudes have their uses. Even if it’s only to open sealed jars or to lift heavy things.
Jokes aside though. 
I’m not equal to a man. I don’t have their upper body strength. I don’t have their metabolism. I don’t produce testosterone. My mind does not work the way theirs does. My emotions live on a different planet than a males.
Neither am I less than a man – for all the reasons I mentioned above. 
The fact that I do a bunch of manly things has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with necessity. Either I do it, or it does not get done. Or I pay somebody to do it, and since I hardly ever have any spare cash, we’re back to square one on that deal.
Every time my son opens a door for me, I get a warm feeling around the chest region. Because he respects me enough to treat me like I matter. And I don’t think the same is true for true blood feminists. For them, having a door opened is tantamount to getting a slap in the face of their highly thought of and much fought for equality.
Not that I’m a shrinking violet , letting a dude do all my thinking for me. I’ve never had the knack of soothing an ego just because I don’t actually think about stuff like that. If something’s crap, I will probably say it was crap, and your ego bedamned! But it won’t be said with the intention of screwing with your ego. It will just be said because I feel it needs to be said. 
But yes. I am able to do many things. Some of them I can do better than others. Some things I do, not even some blokes can. I can be as butch as all get out, but I LIKE the fact that I can go to my closet and take out a dress and heels. I can put on some make up, spray on some perfume – the lone bottle I bought since the desecration – and I can hold my head high as a woman. And I love being treated as one. Alas, they never do, since they’re scared of me – the perception being that since I can do all these things, I MUST hate men!
No sir. I don’t hate men. I don’t always like what they do, I don’t always like how they make me feel, but I don’t hate them. I just don’t like them all that much for the most part. And I mostly absolutely don’t like asking for help! 
After saying all this, it would seem that I’m kind of screwed in the partner department. Can’t find a man that’s not threatened by my abilities, and really, they’re not all that major! I just like different things than most other females do. Does not make me a feminist now does it? Don’t quite know what it makes me other than some weird chick with, according to blokes, penis envy. No, I don’t actually envy you your penis. I can get as many as I could possibly want with the flick of a button 😉 Real or manufactured. What I do envy is your upper body strength. And your utter disregard for emotions of any kind. Catch 22 really. I like a guy that treats me like a woman, but they never see the woman I am because I’m always busy doing man things! 
I don’t know if I made sense, and I’m not going to re-read my post and start second guessing myself, so I’ll just leave you with a song and the hope that you do understand what I’m saying…

19 comments on “Feminism.

  1. I would rather it was based on merit rather than sex, myself. I love it when a man opens a door for me and it mortifies me to go next door to a neighbor to open something for me.

  2. I know of some people who argue about this all the time. It normally ends when someon says something along the lines of woman want to be treated as equals and yet we still expect guys to do things like open the door for us

  3. Discrimination on grounds of sex is very different from simple acknowledgement that there are fundamental strengths and weaknesses built into both genders. It is stupid to ignore those or to play them down.

  4. I love this post, which I read several days ago but have only just got around to commenting upon. Read some of it out to hubbie and he thought it was brilliant. Guess what I said to him, too? That you should write a novel, and he agreed — he liked your chatty “intelligent” style. Yay! And there you are, declaring your NaNoWriMo intention just after that:-)

    • Well, I’m planning the novel. Taking your suggestion of something gritty, based very much on my actual life. Have my names sorted, still working on the lay-out for each chapter, but I’ve been writing down ideas and changing them as I think of something new.
      This is such a big thing for me Sarah!!
      glad hubby liked what i wrote – and you. Now, if only everybody else will also like what I have to say!!

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