About all I can do at this point in time. NAFI-ness has not quite left the building you see…

Today’s almost over. So’s the washing, but now I have to go and search for a different set of bedding. Because it comes from the kid’s house and is packed in somewhere. And since he’s done the room, nothing but white duvet covers will do the trick.

Therefore, a few favourite tunes for this, quite lovely, Sunday afternoon. Spoke to the kid, he’s looking good, sounds happy. Had lunch with the rest of the family, got upset at the screaming rugrats in the restaurant – but that’s par for the course. Now, home, doing this and that, listening to the birds twittering and the fountain tinkling – it’s all good.

The tunes I picked – all different. But they all work for me at one stage or the other – maybe one of them grabs you too…


KD Lang as I’ve never before seen her!!

Bit of darkness…

Some soft grunge..

Some trance…

Some Frank…

Some Dean…

And a little Etta…

With some Billy…

And some Katie.


9 comments on “Music.

  1. Juicy tunes. Thad k.d. Lange IS something, isn’t she?
    I admit I don’t like kids disrupting my going out time either. If the kids can’t behave, then they shouldn’t be out with parents. The parents can’t enjoy either.
    Have a nice rest of Sunday.

    • They will get the hint Col, and be highly offended. Kill their little rays of sunshine? Never!
      Then again, it was the spur and we sat right next to the kiddies play area. Thank heavens for cigarettes – I could go and lave my soul in the fishbowl every so often. Because kids are not allowed there!! Bliss πŸ˜‰

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