An acronym.

It’s a word I picked up from my ex husband way back when. Apparently it was used in the army. I don’t know where he got it from – the army thing might even be true..

It stands for No Ambition F all Interest.

Which would describe my current attitude to perfection!

I have the youngest’s advent calender to make. As well as the mom & sister’s Christmas gifts. I am going to HAVE to eat something soon – my stomach will think my throat’s been cut if I don’t get some kind of sustenance. But after the night I had last night, nope. Not even the remotest interest in getting up and actually doing something.

Was chatting to a buddy on FB. About all kinds of stuff, and one of the subjects was a mutual aquiantance of ours. That turns out to be like the people you see on TV. With the filth and the general no care, screwed up kids, buggered life. And then I thought of planning a visit to Cape Town since I have so many people there that I could go visit with and overnight with. A bit rich for my current budget. Then, to bed to read. Started dozing off when I get a message from the youngest – this was at 1:30 am. He wants to sleep at my house, is the gate open. Nope, the gate’s not open, but I will leave the keys in the door. Doze off again. Then the cat decides that the aerosol cans on the windowsill in the loo needs to go because he wants to sit there. Noise. Doze off again. Kid rocks up. Doze off again, cat’s now dumped everything on the floor. So, what with all the interruptions to my sleep last night, I ended up sleeping late this morning. And then mom phones, highly upset because I’m not up with the birds working on the shed roof. Because SHE’s in a hurry for it to be done.

So no. I’m not in the mood for much today. Might get my ass in gear and do something this afternoon. maybe do some laundry, de-eldest the house a tad, maybe start fiddling with the family gifts, or maybe I’ll just park off in the good company of Johnathan Kellerman.  Dunno. Not as if the interwebs are filled with scintillating conversations over the weekend. Or that I have any kind of prospect of actually doing anything other than park off at home, again. Or that I have any kind of life, social or otherwise 😉

Therefore, NAFI.

That’s what’s wrong with me today. Hope it’s not too debilitating!


23 comments on “NAFI.

  1. Parking at home and doing nothing J sounds ideal, as long as you fill your stomach first. I certainly have missed a lot of your posts, going to have to do catch up. Look after yourself girl…x

    • I did eventually eat something K – it was either that or faint!!
      Don’t worry about missing my posts – you have an actual life – much more important that my silly posts!!!
      Good to have your visit though 🙂

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