A bit…

…of a political post.

For some, it might even lean over to the racism part of things, but that’s not the intention. And if you see it as such, well, that’s your opinion. I might offend my British readers. Also not the intention. When you read this, if you read it, bear in mind the person that’s doing the writing. Bear in mind, if you will, the situation currently in my country, the tensions you have no idea of, the feelings that is currently at play in the Suck heap.

That being said.

During the week I got the ass end of the news one lunch time. hear this snippet : “No white South African has been impoverished by the introduction of broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) policies, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.”

Interesting stuff when you think about it. I personally know of quite a few white South African, mostly Afrikaans speaking males that were directly influenced by BBBEE. I myself have suffered from it – might suffer from it again in the near future. The only reason for that suffering is that I’m white. I’m not stupid, I’m able to work, intelligently and fast, I’m able to do many things, but, I’m also white. And I speak Afrikaans which is, according to this idiot, a cancer that has to be eradicated from the land.

Anyhow. The reason for this post follows.

My son went to visit a friend of his. Decent enough young man, hard worker, soft spoken – a dependable sort. But he can’t find a job. He’s struggling to find anything to do during the week. But he’s capable of many things. He;ping his parents. Why can’t he find a job? Well, there are not that many jobs to be had in the first place. And in the second place, the amount of young men looking for work is astonishing. But in the case of this particular young man, it is made more difficult because he’s white. Going with government’s new structures, a certain percentage of people employed BUST be black, asian, coloured or indian. They get tax incentives. There are quite a few companies that does not even take you into account if you’re white, no matter your qualifications or experience. Woolworths, most banks if not all, government services, para-statals, the blood bank, to name but a few. But according to the idiot Rob, no white people were harmed by the government’s racist policy. he certainly was not! The Rob in question is a white man, working in government. I suppose he’s only there as a token, and because he’s been a staunch supporter of the ANC for years. Lived in exile, the poor thing. While I stayed behind and made a life for myself, he ran away. and only came back when the going was smoothed by the gravy train express. But believe me, the minute the current idiots at the helm gets irritated with him, he’ll be out on his ear. He’s a member of the communist party. What person in his right mind still belongs to that ideology? How stupid must you be to believe socialism can work in any can of human society? Then again, all you really have to do is follow the money, and government’s where it’s at. And that’s what socialism is all about. Not to make life better for anybody but the people at the helm of things. Because they end up with all the money.

Sure, there were inequalities in the old days. Things were done that should not have been done. I did benefit from that, I agree. While all this was going on though, south Africa was a safe place, for all it’s citizens. Government benefits worked for everybody as far as I know. Our Army was world class, and any and all citizens from the rest of Africa did not have free crossing of our borders. We had world class hospitals, home affairs and transport departments actually functioned. I’m not saying the government of the day was not corrupt – all governments everywhere in the world are corrupt. Find a politician, hear a lie. But I would much prefer the functionality, over what we have now.

Ministers in the news daily for misappropriating funds. Spending thousands of tax payers money on take aways and holidays. Police men being found guilty of fraud and murder. No functionality anywhere.

Of the 50 million people currently residing in the Suck heap, only about 5 million are white. Is it really too much to ask that everybody be given a fair chance regardless of their skin colour? Does everything really have to be based on what you look like instead of what you can do? And how can a supposed learned person say the things he’s saying? Does he really not know what’s going on in his country? Not that this is really his country. When it counted, he was off, living in exile. Making a point I suppose. Useless exercise because i never even knew of him.

I’m a European African. Does not make me any less of an African just because my skin is white, just like it does not make an African American any less of an American because their skin is black! I deserve the same chance as any other person born in the Suck heap to work, to earn, to live. Unfortunately however the same rules don’t apply to me as to any other darker South African.

And if this post is a bit difficult to bring together it will be because this kind of thing makes me angry enough to lose my gist. They sit there in their ivory towers and make decisions that will be best for them and their buddies. Screw the people on the ground. And they’re not only screwing whities, they’re screwing their own people even more. You can not remove one demographic because you don’t like them. It’s been tried and it has always failed. We are all needed to make this country what it can be.

But, as I said before. if you are going to treat me like the enemy, I’m going to start acting like one. It might only be a drop in the bucket, but eventually enough drops can fill an ocean. And where does that leave you then?

23 comments on “A bit…

  1. THE BIG LIE IS THAT APARTHEID IS DEAD. Bullshit, job reservation thrives like never before plus its little Boetie ECONOMIC reservation for blacks only. This is a truth the African National Corruption will never acknowledge because it is of their making. To get but a millimetre in any direction you must be a gender and pigmentation identified – if you are a South African you are fucked.

    • Segregation is a natural as breathing H. As long as there are humans, it will not be otherwise. Alas. Idiots the world over would have everybody living together in harmony and that can not happen if you force people to accept one another. It can only happen if you recognise everybody’s differences and live with them, rather than against them.
      Yes, the white South African are basically fucked. Unless you have buddies in high places.But they lose sight of the fact that we will always find a way to survive. Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of us. Jealousy 😉

    • That’s what he said P. Word for word, quoted as published. But his whole statement is false. Because many white South Africans have suffered and are still suffering from the government’s policies. But hey.
      I’m just a lone voice – we’ve come to regard these kind of statements as a matter of course and not an exception. I’m not entirely certain what they’re trying to accomplish with statements such as that, unless of course it’s a way to get the constituents to vote for them next year.

    • Only thing to maybe do is to get out of here before it ends up typically African Tess, alas. We’re not all as lucky as the Rob to be able to go somewhere else…
      We’ll just have to stick it out here and hope for the best.

  2. Why am I meant to be offended? Scratching my head. You have every right to complain. The stuff you’re talking about is also happening in the ethnic ghettos of some of our inner cities in the UK. Yes, I believe there are no-go areas for the British whites in Britain, but I haven’t been to them as their reputation moves ahead of them. Obviously, what’s happening here isn’t on the scale you’re talking about in South Africa, but it’s still a problem and anyone who speaks up against it is likely to get prosecuted for making racist statements.

    • The arse in question exiled himself in Britain – I was going to make a scathing remark about that, but found a few others instead 😉
      South Africa has ever been a melting pot. The only country in Africa with a white population left, seemingly the land of milk and honey for the rest of Africa, slowly turning into the typical African mess.
      The Zimbabwean whites moved down to SA when the shit hit the fan. Alas, there’s nothing further south other than the ocean, so I don’t know where we’ll be going to.
      The rest of the world possibly, although even that’s been getting more and more difficult what with the influx of refugees from everywhere.
      It’s so strange – the third world is in turmoil. It has ever been. So the ones that can, move to the first world countries – in the process, making the first world countries almost as ungovernable as their own countries. Shit has the bad habit of sticking to everything it touches.

  3. When you think about the old regime, there were far too many responsibilities carried by far too small a sector of the population. Miraculously, they were carried out with remarkable success.
    Now that we should have more than enough people to do the jobs properly, they are being done with ridiculous inefficiency, and collapse after collapse takes place. Something is seriously wrong – and I’d guess that most of the something stems from creating a feeling of entitlement without matching it with instilling a work ethic.

    • And you end up with a typical African mess.
      Europe should have stayed out of Africa all those years ago. Then I would not have had to deal with this shit, but have spoken French and lived in Boulogne!

    • I have to wonder. Are all our politicians really as stupid as they seem? Because everything they’re doing, all their ideologies, have worked so well for others in the past…
      Like they say – the more things change, the more they stay the same…

  4. So much to say on this but I shall refrain. All I will say is that I don’t want to benefit from the BEE bullshit. Rather let me have something because I actually deserve it

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