No inspiration.

Well, almost none.

Wanted to do a post on my view of Human Rights, all the entitlements and how it’s usually the have nots that shouts about it. The Silent Majority says nothing, they just go to work to provide for themselves, their families as well as the great unwashed…

Buuuut, I’m not in the mood for that particular can of worms. Can’t seem to be bothered raising the blood pressure about something that’s not going to change anytime soon in any case.

Work was great today, busy – just wonderful! Traffic – no problem. Dancing tonight. All is indeed right with the world.

That’s why I thought a few funny pics might be a good thing…











handsomejars object point of viewposition quiet rubber scared shut up toasters



toilet paper wine












And a song or two…

Crasz vid, but I dig the dude 😉

And this song has always been a favourite.

Hope you enjoy!!


20 comments on “No inspiration.

    • My reaction exactly Tess 😉
      As for the tango, I think we do the Argentinian. Not certain though, but that step in the video with the hook? I do a few variations on that.
      May tango is progressing rapidly I’m proud to say 😉

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