And how they can fill up a day.

I did indeed have an eventful day. Robots (traffic lights) down at two intersections on my way to the highway. Took me 15 minutes to travel all of 2 km’s. Such fun – almost like the old days!!

Work was normal, with just one hiccough. Somebody on the other side did not do what they’re supposed to do. And it made me look bad. Not so much fun, and when I tried phoning again to check that it was done, nobody answered a phone. But that’s the African way. People have become quite complacent about the level of non-service we’re getting. But on the other side of the coin, you get those that pillage and burn because they’re not happy with the level of service they’re getting. Quite defeating the object, but hey. Let it not be said that a mob contains an iota of rational thinking.

Then it hit me – I have to put petrol in a car to drive to work and back until payday Friday. Have no money. Asked mom for some and she had. I just had to go and fetch it from her. Do that. Actually ran out of petrol on the way home. What fun that was!! It’s been so long since that happened to me, but, once again, help was at hand in the manner of my poor left over kid and a few cool drink bottles. Or to coin a phrase, cold pop bottles πŸ˜‰ We saw a cloud of termites rising in the air – just ready food for swallows and bats – such a lovely thing to see them feeding.

Then I had to go get bread – otherwise I would have gone hungry tomorrow at work. Get to the supermarket – no electricity. Here and there they’ve got lights that run on either a ups or a generator but the rest of the centre was black as pitch. Such is life in the suck heap. No contingency plans. And then we get told that we should take a leaf from Zimbabwe’s book regarding infrastructure. Allrighty then. We’ll do just that! I heard a guy talking on his phone saying that it sounds as if the power could be down until Saturday – burnt out substation. Don’t ask me how a substation burns out. I’m thinking it probably has much to do with no maintenance. Maybe overloading since nobody in any squatter camp actually pays for electricity, they just hook up a cable and steal it. And then you get burn out substations so that the people that actually do pay for their electricity has none. Maybe they’re happier that way – when everything’s in shambles it means nobody has anything and that’s good.

So I’m worried that I’ll be without power too since the centre is across the road from me. Luckily not. Looks like the substation in question services the opposite side of the street.

And when I got home, dear darling Ben had a fun day with my, luckily mostly empty, bag of washing powder. At first I thought it was paint. And then I saw that it was not. Will teach me to puppy proof my yard!

After all this, do I have something to be thankful for today?

I do indeed.

Help was at hand when I needed in the shape of my poor beleaguered youngest son, a few bucks and a few empty bottles.

When I got home I still had power, even if I had no washing powder.

My dogs were all ecstatic to see me, they were whole and hearty and healthy.

My own car was still there, safely parked in the carport with nothing wrong.

The woman at work knows it was not me not doing my job that caused the oversight, but a breakdown in communication on the other side – I did what I was told and taught.

I still have enough smokes to last me well into the new month.

And the reason I feel thankful for all these little bits and pieces has much to do with the woman who’s on maternity leave now. Her little boy was born last week Wednesday. He was smaller than expected and a few weeks early. He’s now having trouble sucking, and seems to be allergic to the formula he’s getting. Apparently he’s got bloody stools that’s causing a major rash. This poor girl has been through so much in the past two years. While I was lamenting my lack of a job, she was having to deal with the death of her three year old son. And now, if things don’t start looking up soon, she might have to face that yet again. She’s been in my thoughts for more than one reason. Some because of me, most because of her. All I can really do is just say a prayer for her. A prayer for strength to handle what she has to handle, and a prayer for mercy for the little one. And ask you to remember one fragile lady with a very fragile and much hoped for little boy. To send her your good emotions and thoughts and, if you will, a prayer – that she can be strengthened by your voiceless and intangible, but very worthwhile energies. As the grand father said he hopes G-d does know since nobody else seems to. Said grandfather brought his wife some sweet pea flowers today. Put it in a glass on her desk. And she did not even notice until he mentioned it. Maybe he screwed up, maybe she was just too hassled and worried – I don’t know. Thought it was a sweet gesture from the curmudgeon.

We might not have much, but the little we do have is worth being thankful for. And tonight I am thankful for what I do have. It’s not brilliant, it’s not beautiful, it’s not new or shiny – but it is what I have and I am thankful for it.

And, to end off with, a tune that never fails to bring a smile to my face πŸ˜‰ I posted it before, I will probably post it again – bear with me – but the cold pop brough it to mind…And after this post we all need a pick me up. Will get to the blogs I still have not read probably over the weekend because tomorrow night’s dancing again. Until then folks – I bid you good night.


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  1. β€œThey are not poor that have little, but they that desire much. The richest man, whatever his lot, is the one who’s content with his lot.” ~ Old Dutch Proverb

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