Having a discussion…

…on FB of all places.

Yes, I know. Almost as bad as watching Honey Boo Boo, but hey. It passes the time.

One of the chicks in one of the groups I belong to has this thing that she’s tired of dating poor men. That she’s now looking for a rich man that can love her. That’s kind of like saying that you only want Johnny Depp. Well, who does NOT want Johnny Depp? I know I do, but really. Be realistic here. Guys like Johnny Depp go for chicks like Vanessa Paradis. Or Megan Fox. Not 40 something, slightly overweight, issued South African females!

The same with rich men.

You know the saying of how a rich man holds on to his youth? He buys her lots of cars and fur coats…

Rich men got that way because they either worked themselves to a standstill in which case they won’t have time for you in any case. Or they inherited it which means that they have no idea how to handle it and might be poor before long. Or they stole it in which case you don’t want anything to do with them. Or they are called Jacob Zuma or Shabir Shaik which means that they got rich off other people’s backs and are really not worth the effort.

In between all the above mentioned examples you might just find a rich man that is a good person, with enough time to spend on you, that knows the value of hard work and are not condescending, but I’m not really holding my breath on finding one like that that’s still single. They’re usually married to other, just as mice ladies.

So, Muse, by all means. If you can find a rich man that is prepared to treat you like a person instead of a possession, more power to you. Personally, I think I’ll just watch all these shenanigans from afar. If I’m meant to have a man in my life, he will come around a corner one day. And it will not matter if he’s not an oil painting, or does not have a fat wallet. He will be my perfect match. And I will be his. And that, folks is all she wrote…

Well almost!

Update on the kid. He’s posted pictures of the building his flat is in – quite a high rise building. And his office block is actually a seriously cool building! He’s already seen two clients and have cases that he has to prepare. And all in all, he seems OK. Still exited even though the people in the office are a bit iffy, but I’m sure that will sort itself out soon. Of course, I got a phone call from the dad and I got the full blast of his ire because the kid does not do what he said he would do regarding money. I just kept quiet – no use fighting with him. We were regaled with a hail storm tonight. I ran out to get the kid’s car under cover and was pelted – it actually hurt!! Think I’ll have a bruise on my leg, and I felt one connect with my head – ringing ensued! Storm’s done now, almost time for bed. Yet another day gone, and almost no blogs read – but I promise I will get to each and every one in due time.

Let me leave you with this tune…




22 comments on “Having a discussion…

    • I’m happy for him AD, even though I’m a bit jealous!
      As for the hailstones, I’m glad I don’t live on the east rand! Theirs are much worse than ours here. But they did pack a hefty punch even so πŸ˜‰

    • I’m not much of a mom, but there are some things I do do πŸ˜‰
      He’s a lawyer. They call him a legal researcher there. Then he might move up to a legal consultant – I’m so proud of him!!

      • And, so you should be, J! A lawyer. Here in the States, you have to pass an exam state by state to practice law in an individual state, If an attorney moves before passing the exam in the state he’s moving to, he might work as a “legal researcher,” until he passes the exam for that state. Glad he’s doing so well.

      • In Dubai he will only ever be a researcher and eventually a consultant on south African law. He’s not a Dubai citizen so he won’t be able to appear in court.
        Saw him yesterday with the new suit – looking quite snazzy πŸ˜‰

  1. P.S. Off to the right side of your blog is a picture of your boys – the one you posted recently – you know what they remind me of? Supernatural – giggle.

  2. My first boyfriend was a council estate boy who worked at the gas works and whose father owned a fish-and-chip take-away. My parents didn’t approve. My second boyfriend was a multi millionaire playboy. My parents still didn’t approve, but in a different way. But I know which of the two young men treated me the best — the poor one.
    Now, I’m married to a self-employed musician and furniture restorer. Money is up and down, but we survive, life is interesting, and sometimes challenging, but it’s mostly okay.
    That chick you’re talking about ought to grow up. Yes, we all love Johnny Depp (and I’ll add Cillian Murphy to that!), but imagine keeping up with a guys like that. Who wants to be just a decoration hanging on to a rich man’s arm?

    • Money is always handy. I can do lots with it. I much prefer to spend my own than other people’s though. So, if a dude has money, I’m happy for him. Unfortunately, like the song says, “That don’t impress me much.” If a guy talks about his stuff and his money too often, I tend to let him go sharpish. Maybe because I don’t have a lot, and what I do have does not come easily, or maybe I’m jealous, but some things don’t even bear thinking about, let alone doing.
      And one thing I do try and do – take everybody as I get them. Everybody deserves a chance, even me. So I don’t negate things out of hand, but give them all a fair chance to let me see them as they are – and only after that do I make my decision.

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