It is that.

So, the farewell last night at the airport was quite as teary as everybody thought it was going to be. Just as well I did not go dancing because the young man in question, procrastinator that he is, rocked up at home at 17:30. With no packing done, no sorting done, just heaps of crap that he wanted to take with. Guess who did the packing? Yep, that would be me, the mom. Suppose it’s what we do!

We left home later than intended, and when we got to the airport his luggage was too heavy, so my gift had to stay behind. Luckily the dude that arranged the whole thing offered to bring it with when he travels to Dubai this week.

The kid got there safely, got a few whatsapps from him already. I think he will do fine – as soon as he can get the house and what he left behind off his mind. And I have to admit – I wish I was him!! I’ll probably not sell my house if such an opportunity presents itself, I will keep it as an anchor, but man. Wish I could just pack a suitcase of clothes and fly off into the blue yonder, to go and experience something else. Alas. Somebody has to stay behind to keep the home fires burning, and that person has turned out to be me. Suppose I’ve had my chance and sort of blew it, and now I have to pay the price πŸ™‚

Today though, was spent at home, mostly in bed. Been raining steadily since this morning. Lovely, drenching soft rain, guaranteed to make everything lift up it’s head – might even get some grass out of this cold and rainy day! Of course the poor kid is melting in the heat in the sandy place πŸ™‚

Not too long, then it’s back to work again, back to traffic again, back to reality again – weekend’s almost over.

I’ll leave you with this very firm favourite of me and my dude. He celebrated his 52nd birthday on the 16th of October, and he was, as always, on my mind quite a bit. That’s where he dwells more often than not…


21 comments on “Over.

  1. The things we do for your children, eh? I’m glad he left without a hitch. As for you, Ms. G., keep the fire burning in your mind and heart and that one day you will be able to travel the blue yonder. Speaking from experience. Love the song.

    • I’m thinking my “one days” are getting fewer the older I get Miss P πŸ˜‰
      I’m not unhappy to stay at home, it’s just this wanderlust that runs through my veins…

    • I heard cars on the road outside and i wondered – why would anybody be outside when they could be inside, curled up on the couch or in bed, reading πŸ™‚

    • Just love Norah Jones in all her guises πŸ˜‰
      As for letting the kid go – bittersweet it is. Happy for him, sad for him, sad for me – what most parents have to face one or other time – nothing for it.
      Thank heavens for you guys!!

    • Nostalgia can be a right bitch sometimes – I know!
      Been raining here since yesterday morning – still raining. Hope we don’t flood away πŸ˜‰
      Hope your day was a good one and tomorrow even better

      • Did not have that much of a good day, but it seems everything is over now, what with my limited supply of memory space and no amount of care πŸ˜‰ We have nice clouds now, and the sun is piping hot, but the wind still cools you off . . .

  2. I think nobody is ever going to match up to your dude. As for sons and their packing — when they say, “No, it’s okay, I can do my own packing” it’s a sign they’ve really grown up. They spend many years before that accepting there are certain jobs us doting mothers enjoy doing for them (which we mostly do). My son still leaves his packing too late, though — like, five minutes before I’m going to take him to the station.

    • I can never match or replace my dude. Ill be happy with somebody completely different, that works for me πŸ™‚
      as for kids and packing, I’ve never been that kind of mother. Sometimes wish I was, but I’m not made up that way. He left his packing too late because he was procrastinating. But the kind of mother I AM lets me step into the void and complete their decisions for them πŸ™‚
      These days I enjoy chatting with them much more than I do doing things for them – they have to learn how to do it themselves, I’m not going to be there forever! And frankly, they’re big enough to sort themselves out!

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