Stuff it.

Had this whole post typed up.

About how a criminal is born. But really, I could not be bothered. There’s no explanation other than the human race is broken. It needs a war to kill the spares as Voldemort so eloquently puts it. Aids and cancer is plowing along, killing off as many as it can, but it’s being halted by modern technology.

Because really. We need more humans. We need to have humans that live longer. We are human, we are strong. And yes. We are. As long as that strength lies in screwing up and screwing everything on earth – then yes. We’re strong. Human life are to be prolonged at any and all cost.

We need humans that live longer, spend more money, and know very little. Because only by keeping them stupid can you rule sheep.

I commented on Paulette’s post yesterday that there are less criminals than normal citizens. But criminals have us covering in our boots.

If every single decent person stand up, we can drive all the criminals off. But more will be made every day.

Because that’s human nature. We’re never happy with what we have, no matter how many little FB quotes to that effect you read. Be happy with what you have rather than unhappy with what you want.

And then there’s this quote – Bad things happen when good men do nothing.

Take it to heart.

All well and good talking about the problem. Truth be told, I doubt there’s much else we can do about it.

Because humans are broken. And we will not rest until everything else is broken too.

Another quote – It’s only when there’s nothing left but money that people will realise you can’t eat it – completely paraphrased, but you get the gist I suppose πŸ˜‰

So, enough of this.

Let me leave you with a joke and the only gospel song I ever listen to…


A mother is cleaning her teenage daughter?s room when she finds a bondage
magazine hidden under the bed. She shows it to her husband and asks him what he thinks they should do.

After flicking through the magazine her husband says, ‘To be honest I’m not
sure, but I don’t think spanking her is going to help.’





20 comments on “Stuff it.

  1. And oh, there we had it again today. The red balloon day initiated by the racist morons Steve Hofmeyer, father of many and husband of who is next, and the so divine holy Sunette. Humanity disaster is not about good men doing nothing it is about idiotic people doing the wrong thing, so wrong it also spoils their self-righteous cause.

    • Have to say H, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Since I don’t do the news. He’s just vocal in his racism – not hidden like JZ’s. Maybe old Steve is the white equivalent of the black Julius. They’ might both be idiots, but many people listen to them.
      Personally, I don’t listen to either, but if it’s about Pretoria’s name again, I’m inclined to jump on that particular band wagon….

  2. It would be great if the criminal minority could be compelled to do something useful. I think that they are perfectly suited to acting as fertilizer for organic agriculture.

    • We have to find a place to hide in P. For me it’s my house and my music. Let’s me shut out the world at large, wrapped in a cocoon of my own making, filling the soul with good before I have to traverse the world again.

  3. If there is one thing I can’t really tolerate, is quotes. Funny quotes that explains the stupidity of humans, I can take, for it’s funny to read and based on the truth. Motivational and inspirational and all other kinds of quotes just irritates the crap out of me.
    Like this song! πŸ˜€ Have a great weekend, Kaereste. Gonna spend it gaming! πŸ˜‰

    • You should read quotes in the mood it was given in. Sometimes they irritate me as well since I have actually lived, but sometimes they open a peep into what can be if you just persevere – read everything, and only discard what has no value to you. But do try and see the value in everything you do read. Never negate out of hand what you don’t like – might be a painful truth hitting a sore spot.
      as I type the eldest is indeed spending the weekend gaming – hope you have as much fun gaming as he does. Personally, I’ve never gotten into the sort of gaming you lot do πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, it was fun! I usually enjoy it . . . in some way, it’s like a book, it can transport you anywhere it takes you. I think the only difference is, I don’t play with or against other people. Loner all the way. πŸ˜‰

  4. The trouble with criminals (in our country, as least) is that they are frequently let off lightly for their crimes, by blaming their bad behaviour on a “terrible childhood” (whether it’s true or not). They even end up getting more compensation than their victims in many cases.

    • Criminals, it would seem, are being treated as royal game. Here in the suck heap, they can vote when we have general elections…
      And they seem to sprout more and more every day…

      • Back in 2012, David Cameron was meant to have said that he intended for Britain to continue to defy a European Court ruling saying prisoners must get the vote. As for whether this is still the case, who knows, as his government is in the habit of not sticking to their promises.

      • no government sticks to their promises. That’s what’s wrong with the world – politicians. You find an honest one, he’s likely dead…

  5. Hello you
    I always speak my mind as you do
    You do it in ways that make me smile at the end
    And you’re amazing following respect to them too.
    I got word from the G.M.C council two days ago
    They inform me there investigating my complaints
    If only humans listened in 2007
    Like you have and me to you over the last few weeks
    Have a beautiful day tomorrow
    As beautiful as humans should be to each other
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£* Daniel

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