an opinion

We all know I have many of those!!


Today, one of the women at work’s child got burnt.

Huge hoohaa. Alarmingly so, since the child in question is not a child anymore. She’s a young woman. At varsity already. And she only burnt with hot black tea. Granted, not a pleasant experience, but really. Does it warrant a doctor’s visit? Sure she’ll have a blister – be thankful for blisters. As long as you don’t open them you won’t have much of a scar. But I can guarantee that the doctor would in all likelihood puncture the blister and charge them huge amounts of money for wound care and such like.

Me, I’ve burnt many times. With many things. I burnt with hot oil – still have the scars on my hand to prove it. Don’t get me started on my much loved heatgun – a brilliant tool, but boy, when it touches skin, it becomes cinders – immediately! Once my sister poured a jug of boiling water down my back. This was many years ago, in primary school. Luckily I have no scars, but I did not end up in hospital, even though half my back was burned. Might have gone to the doctor, I can’t remember . I don’t even remember the aftercare, only the fact that I did not have to wear the hated school panties we had to wear in those days – when uniforms still meant uniform, and not anything goes. But I digress. Point I’m trying to make is the following. Burning your hand or your leg or whatever with a cup of hot tea, does, according to me, not warrant a hoohaa. All you do is pull on your big girl panties, put some burn shield on immediately, cover it and leave it alone. Might warrant a pain tablet of some kind, but, in my opinion, not a doctor’s visit. I mean, it’s not as if it’s third degree burns across 70% of your body now is it? I once saw a mom bring her kid to hospital – poor kid was screaming blue murder. And he was red from top to bottom – think he got into a bath filled with only hot water – it was not cool. And that’s the kind of thing that warrants a medical professional’s care and attention. Not a little madam that will forever need somebody else to faff over her.

Then again, not everybody has my aversion to doctors. I swear, if you did not need x-rays to set a bone properly, I would do that myself too!! But I feel very strongly about members of the medical profession, doctors in particular, which is why I avoid them at all costs. And I will only go to one of them on pain of literal death. And maybe that’s why I scoff at people that does run to doctors at the drop of a hat. Could be a thing in my psyche, but it seems weak to go there, and paying somebody to do something you can very easily fix yourself.

And then we’re right back to one of my pet peeves. How parents fiddle and faff with their kids, changing them into wimps. Humans that runs to a doctor for every little thing. People that can’t fight their battles. People that just sort of wait for a parent to solve any and all problems. How, when kids fight amongst one another, the parents gets involved, and they carry on fighting long after the kids have forgotten about the fight. You will not say that to MY child, and stuff like that. Let the little buggers fight their own battles. If they can start a fight, they must be able to finish it. Because, face it – you’re not going to be there forever, and some or other time the tyke must learn to fend for themselves…

I’m sure we will hear about the outcome tomorrow. or rather, the other chick will be told and I will just hear bu default. This is the kind of thing only good for the blogs and close friends and family – not the general populace at work 😉

And now for something completely different.

As you know, my boudoir underwent a complete change-over recently. Opening up spots on the carpet that’s been hidden for a while. Making it glaringly obvious that it has to go. The sooner the better. I’ve been sitting on the idea of cementing the one bedroom’s floor. Maybe using the coloured powder you get to make different colour cement, just swirl it around for what might just be the most stunning floor ever. And now I’m thinking that might look just dandy on my bedroom floor too. The panties are getting knotted as we speak. It’s just the logistics that I have to work out,. Because everything will have to be removed from the room before I can even attempt this project. And I don’t think it will take anything less than a week for everything to be done. Since you have to move all the furniture. Then take out the carpet. Then pour the cement. Wait for it to dry. And then it has to be varnished. Also has to dry. And only then can everything be moved back in again. And of course, I will then have to find one of my randoms that are able to help me with this. I don’t think you have to mix huge amounts of cement. More like a slurry you pour over it in a thinnish layer, with the coloured powder over it. But I don’t know – will do the research. And since I’m handing back a most expensive dremmel fitting, I could possibly get the cement and the coloured powder with that credit, and maybe get it done this year still. Would that not just be grand!!

All this is just pipe dreams for the nonce. I’m working on it though – might as well do things to make the room look as spectacular as it can – I’m worth it after all!

Cool tunes to end off with, and then it’s on to this month’s music passion…


17 comments on “an opinion

  1. The only thing that got my parents at all interested was like the time a friend interrupted my mother giving a piano lesson: ‘Mrs N,, L wants you. He’s been shot.’
    Okay, it was only my pellet gun, but it still took an operation to get the pellet out.

  2. I don’t believe in running to the doctor over everything either. Of course, it takes a lot of time out of your day. Who’s got the time to waste. By the time I get myself to the doctor’s I’m all better anyway. 😀
    Ghia’s cooking. Nice to hear you fluffing your nest.

  3. I can’t stand people that faf like that. Like you said, just slap some burn shield on it and wrap it up (I love that stuff, it really works wonders). I can think of hundreds of other ways that I’d rather spend R300.
    Hope the room turns out well, sounds like you’ve got a really good plan for it

    • I will go to a doc if I really can’t fix it myself, but only then 😉
      As for the room – once I have all my ducks in a row and get it done, I’m sure it will look spectacular!

  4. Newsy is so right, Parents do cosset and pamper their kids far too much these days. My mom used to say, “You’ll live,” and as usual, she was always right. 🙂 Sounds like your project is going to be quite a major one, like the pond was. You’re a real glutton for punishment. 😀

    • I said the same thing to my own kids, and lo – they did make it 😉
      As for the room, it’s probably bigger than the pond, and I have a set time frame for it – can’t be sleeping in the lounge for the next two years 😉
      Punishment sure, but with great rewards 🙂

  5. As a child, I put my foot in my mother’s boiling hot cup of coffee that was on the floor next to the sofa. Absolutely no sympathy at all. Yes, I did get whatever was the relevant first aid, but administered at the same time as a severe telling off for skipping in the living-room and not looking where I was going, as well as staining the carpet.

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