Yet another stolen moment.

Well. What can I say. this week has just about flown by, and I’ve not even been online since Monday! Kid’s been keeping me busy like you can not believe! And also, since this is his last two weeks until the big move, I thought it best to spend as much time with him as possible. He was supposed to leave on Monday coming, but it has been changed to Saturday, 19 October. On the day of my exam. Putting a bit of a spanner in the wheel, but hey. I can always do another exam some other time, but I can only say farewell to my boy once.

Of course the house is still full. So much so that I’ll have to thin out some of the things that’s been standin in my cupboards for years. Suppose it’s not such a bad thing, packing away unwanted things. Not disposing of it mind, just packing it away. Hd to do that with my clothes yesterday. The kid went to Mr Price Home with my account card and used up all my credit – but now I have a lovely new room. Moved the furniture around, got a bunch of scatters, a nice throw, some other things, and now my boudoir looks like an actual boudoir, not just a bedroom 😉 of course, I’m footingthe bill, but hey. It keeps him busy and out of trouble, and I have something lovely in my house. But I had three washing baskets full of clean clothes that I had to pack away. And since this has not been done for a really long time, I’m running out of space in the cupboards! Suppose some clearing out there is also needed. But the room looks lovely.

Of course, everything that he did not want in the room was taken and stacked in either my study or the spare room. The kitchen is full to bursting – I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these things! Thank heavens for boxes and storage sheds!

Tonight will see me travelling to Vereeniging with the family for a family member’s b day supper, and maybe, if we don’t get back too late, we will go to Presley’s for a real, proper, dutchman jol ;-). Now, for my non-Suck heap readers, a jol is what you do when you paint the town red. A Dutchman would be somebody something like a hilllbilly. Some worse, some better, but the general attitude would be the same. Language is more slang and accent and colloquialisms than actual language. A very colourful part of society I suppose. And they hang out in certain places. And tonight, we will be frequenting such a place. One good thing, we can dance there, and the kid might just join us. Then again, we might just go home and sleep.

Work is still OK. They bought us KFC today because the company had a good month. More about that later. I seem to have been accepted by most of the people I will deal with. Even my boss does not look at me as if I’m a retard, nor does she treat me as such. From Monday I will have to do everything on my own – just hope I don’t drop too many balls. I doubt that though. Wrote down as much as I possibly could and everything is still in my book. Mighthave to transfer it into another book, neatly sorted under catagory, but I’ll see. Won’t need to refer back to the book for too long – at least I hope not! And again, this afternoon, just before the girl left, we were talking about what she’s going to do, and she reckons she’s not coming back t work after the little one is born. Istill have to tell you her story. So far so good. The salary I’m getting is enough for me to live a decent, if not luxurious life. I can pay what needs to be paid, and the job itself is not at all boring. I can see myself staying here until it’s time for me to go down a different avenue.

Back to the KFC. I decided on a sweet chilly twister. Thinking it would be a mild, tasty thing. Alas. It would seem that KFC’s sweet chilly sauce only serves to decimate your tongue! And I don’t do burny food. At all! My nose ran, sweat pearled on my upper lip, my forehead was shiny, my eyes had tears in them from pain – never again. Of course, the lot in the office laughs at me – calmly offered me wasabi covered peanuts. I graciously declined.

Well peeps. I’m going to try and catch up with as many missed blogs as I can tomorrow after I’ve cleaned out and up, but for now, let me bid you adieu.

Until my next stolen moment…


15 comments on “Pitstop.

    • It’s been a real pleasure to sleep there at night P 😉
      I’m sort of safely surrounded by a mound of pillows! Add to that a cat or two, and you would have the recipe for a good night’s sleep 🙂

  1. I don’t risk these curry-type dishes – those who have killed their tastebuds have developed a taste far too hot!
    Enjoy the time – but surely the goodbye can be scheduled for a time the exam isn’t happening?

    • I doubt that the schedule can be changed Col – it’s already been changed once. I can always do my exam next year, or not – life will happen regardless 😉
      As for the hot food – I just can’t stand it. spice is one thing. Dead tastebuds a whole different kettle of fish!!

  2. I had an experience like your KFC one. It was on my son’s birthday last year. We went to a Thai restaurant and everything on the menu was spicy. I can deal with one moderately spicy course, but three of them (even the dessert was spicy) left me burning up for three days or more. I must have drunk a gallon of water when I arrived home that evening. Never again.

    Glad your boudoir is to your liking, even if you’ve had to pay for it 🙂

  3. I like the sound of your new bedroom decor. Your son obviously really cares about you. The job is all sounding good. It would be really great if you can keep the job. Lets hope that the mom-to-be finds parenthood to be so interesting, that she won’t be able to bear leaving her bambino. 🙂

    • The son likes spending other people’s money even more AD 😉
      I’m not complaining though – the room looks quite lovely – he knows how to do these things that’s for sure 😉 And yes, there might be quite a bit of love involved too 🙂
      As for the mom to be, I can only hope that this is the road I have tp be on for a while still to come – it’s not a bad road at all so far 🙂

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