Just a quick update.

Been a while since I’ve been online!! I’m having withdrawal! But I’ve been busy with many other things, so I suppose it could be excused – life will return to it’s normal, predictable pace in no time I’m certain.

Well, my bandsaw idea worked like a charm. Granted, I was full of little bits of wood, but I got the pieces cut in a quarter of the time a handwas would have taken me, and a whole lot less effort! The advent calender that has to go to Dubai on Sunday is just about finfished – and looking quite spectacular I might add. Got the lining sorted, the little doors works just the way I thought they would, chocolates and litte bags sorted. All in all, not a wasted effort.

And then the move yesterday. A mess. As per usual. Some stuff went to the youngest, some back to my mom, but by far the most of the things have landed up at my house. Which is why I’m taking a few minutes at work to type this up. Tonight, when I come home, me and the kid will have to do quite a bit of sorting. And I have my lesson at the studio tonight as well, so not much time. And the kid relented with the staying arrangements – he’s parking off at my spot for the nonce. He must have realised that I’m slightly put out withhis behaviour. He’s in any case almost sorted.

But the youngest. Don’t know what I have to do to help this child. He’s caught up in a tangled web of his own making. Exhibiting the typical abused person signs. Had an altercation with his 16 year old GF this weekend. And the little skank hit him!! My child! Can I fight this battle for him? Not unless I want to emasculate him even more than she already has. And he reckons that “If this happens again, it ‘s the last time!” I told him – once was once too many my son. This is not something that will ever change. And he knows this. He’s seen the examples all around him. But he does not want to leave it. “It’s the only relationship I have” Makes me so angry! These people he’s mixed up in – not the brightest bulbs on the tree, nor the world’s most educated people. Not that that’s a problem in itself, but you know some people – they seem to be born to suffer. Never able to get up out of the morass they so often find themselves in. And I’m worried that they will drag my son down with them, but there’s not a single thing I can do about it. Don’t even know if he will let me help pick up the pieces. All I can do is let him know that, no matter what, he will always be loved, that he will always have a place to stay at. My poor boy. Wish I could make him see his worth.

All that aside, work is still going well. Not perfect, and I’m bound to make at least a few mistakes here and there, but for the most part, I think I’ve gotten what I need to get to be able to do this well, and eventually, better – if they’ll let me.

The cats seems to have sorted out their little issues, and the new cat is becoming more and more comfortable with the dogs. I still don’t know what to wear when I do my exams. But, as I said – life is ticking over relatively smoothly. And that, I think, is about the most ay of us can expect – for which I’m very grateful for.

I’ll post a tune some other time – for now, just have a good one!


10 comments on “Update

  1. It is so difficult as a mother when one of our children are having this sort of trouble. I think as a mom we’d like to march in there and sort the whole thing out, but it isn’t, as you mentioned, possible. Hope your son gets uot of that abusive relationship soon. Hope you find something really snazzy to wear for the exams!

    • My heart breaks for him Esperanza. But I can’t make it go away, can’t fix it, can’t even make him understand what’s going on! I hope he gets out soon to, but I suppose he’ll only get out after it’s too late…
      The exam – I’ll have to scrounge and do some tests 😉

  2. That’s a tough one with your youngest, and your painful wisdom is admirable because it’s true what you write, doesn’t make it easier for you. Glad that the advent calendars are working out and that you’ve got your dancing. Let us know what dress you pick and how it goes. 😉

  3. Sounds like things are hectic. You’re such a patient mum, your kiddios are lucky to have your wisdom, if only they’d listen! lol enjoy the dancing tonight

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  5. My daughter got mixed up with all the wrong people when she was fifteen. It’s so heartbreaking when you’ve loved and nurtured them, but you can bring up two children the same and yet they’ll choose different paths. If I’d sat on my daughter hard, it would have been like living with a caged lion. Children have to learn for themselves that some of their friends are bad for them. Your youngest will most likely come out of at some point. Psychologists will have it that trial and error learning is the most effective of all, if people don’t kill themselves in the process.

    Did you take any photos of the advent calendar in the end? What a lovely gift. Clever you, making something like that. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

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