Just had to…

Don’t know what she’s going to teach me…

To all my American friends – I apologise. This just gave me a laugh and I know none of MY friends are quite this, erm, well, stupid?

Now we all know the answer to the question 😉


26 comments on “Just had to…

    • Just as all blondes are not stupid, so not all brunettes are clever. In this case, she did it to herself, not because she’s blonde, but because, maybe, she’s pretty and often they think they don’t need to be smart too!

    • I can’t imagine Col. Maybe she had a case of nerves, maybe she really thought she had the right idea – kids. What can I say. They seem to get less intelligent, while technology’s becoming more so…

  1. I was once talking to a person from South Alabama who did not know where the Gulf of Mexico was!!!!

    • I also did not know where the Gulf of Mexico was – had to Google it, but I can point out most of the landmasses on a map 😉
      I don’t think people are really all that stupid. They’re just not all that interested.
      Thanks for the comment and the read 😉

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