A number of things.

Suppose it started with the one chick at work. The bookkeeper. Sort of a more main mackie than I will ever be, but since I never want to be a main mackie in any case, that’s fine by me. She gives me the post today. “This is also part of your job” she says to me. Almost as if she’s afraid that I will palm it off on her with the excuse that I did not know it’s my job. Kind of asserting her authority. She acts like the mother hen, taking you under her wing, but woe if you overstep the boundaries she’s set! So I’m keeping myself out of that little thing.

Came home and started watering the garden – major mission. As usual. Hosepipe getting stuck on rocks, folding itself shut, just a general issue.

And then. The main reason I’m miffed. I’m moving the kid this weekend. Arranged to use the BiL’s truck to do the move. Just me and the kid. He asks me if I want to have his farewell meal on Sunday after the move? I told him that I will indeed not be doing anything other than parking off after the move. Then I remarked, but you’re going to be staying here the week before you leave, and since you’ll be at home in any case, you can cook? No mom. I’m not staying with you, I’m staying with a friend of mine. So. I get to arrange the vehicle to help you move. I get to pay your effing cell phone bill for this month, but you can not get my my smokes – which is our arrangement. I can help you move, live with your crap in my house, but you don’t want to spend the last week with me? I realise it’s not cool to hang with parents. But, uncool or not, there are things you do with and for your parents, no matter how uncool it is. Alas, my house has never been good enough for either of my kids. They prefer to hang out at my sister’s house, or their friend’s houses. But mom’s house – too full of old crap. Not enough tasty eats. Not enough luxury. We’ll just use it to store our unwanted stuff. We’ll just use mom. She won’t mind. She’s mom. That’s her job. She owes me.

Well, the kid knows I’m pissed. Told him to arrange with my mom. She can do the cooking, and I’ll just rock up for the meal, and leave again. And see him again at the airport. And then when and if he contacts me again once he’s there. He’s flying out on Sunday, October 6th.

And then. Asked Mr P to help with the move. He can’t, busy with a family lunch. Good excuse that, since he does not even LIKE his family, but then again, I’ll also be making some lame excuse next time somebody asks me to help them move. And then, for some strange reason he starts dissecting our non existent relationship. Why, I have no idea. And that just miffed me more.

And then he just HAS to tell me that the idiot that runs the country has made e toll law. Meaning EVERYTHING is going to be more expensive. Meaning more strikes. Meaning more job losses. Meaning more fines. Meaning more money for the idiots in parliament to waste on trips and shags and wives and Zimbabwe – in general everything but making the country a better place to live in for ALL it’s citizens and not just the few chosen blacks and a few well connected whities. I have to wonder just how unbearably stupid one person can be. Does he really think with his dick? Because he’s sure as hell not thinking with his brain!! If he was, he would have tried everything in his power to make our money go a bit further instead of making us pay even more than we already do just to get to work and back. What a fucking idiot. And if he has his way, what I said just now might be censored and what not. Freedom of information act here we come. Because the fuck running things is just that. A stupid, idiotic fuck. And even though we all know how idiotic he is, we will not be allowed to say so. How’s that for democracy in action? All the people that thinks there are something to be optimistic about in the suck heap – you clearly don’t live here. You live in some kind of pill-induced dreamworld. And you folk down in the Western Cape? Don’t think this will pass you by. Only a matter of time before they start that shit down there, and don’t forget. Industry happens in JHB. So, what you get will come from here. And if the companies here has to pay more to keep their vehicles afloat, they are so going to get that from us, the end-user. And we will just keep on paying and paying and paying because the greater voter force are seemingly just as idiotic as the man they keep on voting into power!

Clearly I should never have started any conversations tonight. Because all it’s done is to make me depressed again. And I so don’t want to be depressed because of all the shit happening that I have no control over! I’m thinking I should go and have something to eat before I can’t even afford that anymore, and maybe have a bath. Or something. Just get my mind off all this shit.

It was a good day. Until I let people in. What can I say – it’s only when I let them in that they wreak their havoc on my psyche. No wonder I avoid them like the plague!

Adios amigo’s!


28 comments on “Slightly…

    • Collisions all round P.
      Now I’m watching Supernatural, letting the smooth tones of Benny the Vampire from Louisiana soothing my ruffled feathers πŸ˜‰ Think I’ll have to go get me a Southern boy – can listen to that Cajun accent all day long πŸ™‚

  1. Awesome tune, Ghia.
    Why is it when one thing goes wrong, everything afterwards follows the same path?
    I live with my kids. I own 85% of this house. I am do so much for them sometimes I think I have no life, but they come first. I get to sit on the back burner. I am second class where I should be first. I understand where you’re coming from.

    Mr. P. could be depressed today?

  2. We get what we accept. If in Apartheid days everyone had burnt their passes, no more passes. If everyone refuses to pay e tolls, no more e tolls. It is as simple as that. But, of course, everyone is scared of being the only one out of step, so they all stay in step and march to the tune of the rascals and idiots..

    • I will not be registering for e toll Col. Won’t sot them from forcing us to and that’s probably only a matter of time. And I doubt that big business will have the luxury of choice in this regard. When I read these things, I actually become afraid – one day we won’t be able to afford the poor people’s households as well as our own!!

  3. I’m actually really glad that I’m viewing all the political shenanigans from a safe distance, although we will be back in time for the insane election circus next year. 😯

  4. If everybody stands together and do not register for e-tolls, the whole thing would hopefully collapse. They need a certain percentage of motorists to register in order for it to be viable. I certainly will not give them access to my bank account.

    • I am not planning on registering for e toll – if they want money from me, they will have to invoice me. Thank heavens I don’t use those highways all that much anymore, but even if I don’t lots of other people so, and that’s going to make everything expensive – not only travelling.

  5. πŸ˜‰ I can feel the love . . .
    As for your house, it’s awesome! All the tins covering the entire wall in the living area, and the couch with teddy you use as a cushion, that beautiful table in the dining room where we sat and talked, your bookcase in the study . . . not too much information, but I would choose your house before I’d choose the Hilton. I’m a little angry at the eldest, insincere . . . Never had a mother, so I expect all to love their mothers as unconditionally as I never could!!
    miss you πŸ˜‰

    • Ahh young man!! Such kind words πŸ˜‰ The thing with having mothers all the time is that you do tend to take them for grante – unfortunate, but true πŸ™‚
      Miss you too G – you should come visit the Gautrain works a treat πŸ™‚

  6. Hello you
    It’ sounds a lovely home
    My friend was talking about building a house from tin cans filled with sand
    just the other day he made me laugh
    May you have a fantastic evening?
    A wonderful Sunday and beautiful new week
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£* Danielβ€’*´¨`*β€’

      • Yes. they do and I don’t think it’s always intentional. Us Mums think about their adult offspring far more than they think about us. They just have their own lives to lead and their heap of issues to deal with. I get upset when my son doesn’t reply to my text messages for days on end, but he’s preoccupied with his new job and learning a whole load of new things, which is good and I have no right to get twitched up.

        I’m sure your kid loves you. Just has a funny way of showing it.

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