As they go, this was not the worst one ever. And definitely the best one I’ve had for the past two years! Long may it continue!

Alas. Since I was not able to pay everything last month, I’ve had to double up some payments this month. And that leaves me with almost nothing to carry me through the rest of the month. In steps the credit card. Not such a good thing, but at least I’ll be able to put petrol in the car when I need to, get stuff for the house when I need it – and not wallow in self pity because I might have a job, but I’m always broke! Fact is, if not for that card, I would have been under a few weeks ago. have to think it’s yet another mechanism to help me out when I need it most – nothing is ever just random. At least from next month I’ll not have to pay the kid’s cell phone, and I won’t have to double up anything, so I will be able to breathe easier. And every month after that it will be better and better, until, of course, I sign a contract for the Mac I so dearly want! But that’s for next year. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my spot of breathing easier, and trying to get the debt levels to a more manageable plateau.

Today was yet another good day. Neither here nor there, but I’m almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. traffic wise, or people wise, job wise – nothing has ever been quite this effortless! granted, I’m basing that experience on the hassles of the past two, going on three years, but I’m almost afraid to start believing in my good fortune just yet. They again, maybe the Universe has indeed decided to give me a bit of help, give me smooth sailing in some areas of my life. And it’s a big thing, to be employed and earning decent money. I think I’ll than my lucky stars every night, and not think of everything that can go wrong. Because I’ve proven that there are other options, that I’m not just the sum total of a job. There are many other things I can branch out to, and I can allow myself to be thankful, if never complacent.

In other news, I saw a picture on FB of these three young men. That drowned a child in boiling water while another of the group raped said child’s mother. It has to be said that the rapist and murderers were young black men, and the raped and killed people were white. And before you make me out to be a racist, I realise that not all black men are rubbish. Just as not all white people are brilliant. You get both sides of the coin everywhere. But it has to be said that white people in the suck heap have been steadily killed off. Why? Hate mostly. And the worst of it all, the ones committing the hate crimes never really lived in the old regime so you can’t say they have a reason for that hate. They are young people. But they are also poor people. And the government of the day is not really doing anything to stop the hate between black and white. No matter how much they yammer on about the Rainbow nation and Ubuntu and what else, it all boils down to people that see something they want, and hate the ones that has. And then you get the inequality we’re sitting with today. Then you get crimes being committed against the most vulnerable of people – the elderly, women and children. It worked for the British all those years ago, it will work for the Communists now. I wonder how long this will be allowed to continue before people start taking the law into their own hands. And I’m not talking militant idiots. It will be normal people that’s sick of the constant violence, tired of living behind bars like criminals. People that just wants to live their life as best they can. And I think that will eventually include black people too. of course, as has been said so often, all whities can go somewhere else. Apparently we should go back to where we came from…

Anybody in America want to help me get a Green Card? Because I’d really rather not go to Europe. Not even remotely enough sun there, I don’t speak any European language and the one I can mostly manage, Dutch, is, well, in Europe πŸ˜‰ So it would seem that the States would suit me admirably. i can go and work in home Depot and stalk my dude – how’s that for forward thinking!!

Jokes aside though, I come from Africa. I’m not an import. None of my family members are imports. My forbears have been here since what, 500 years ago? Β Does this not make me a South African? How long do you have to stay in a place before the people accept you? I dunno. What I do know is that it might become so difficult for a whitie to stay here that they might be lucky to escape with the clothes on their back, let alone a few pieces of furniture and some clothes! Go check out the Genocide Watch pages – chilling reading.

Unless, of course, you’re a bleeding heart liberal that thinks all black people are damaged and underprivileged, and all white people are just grasping, money hungry bastards. Come to my house. Drive where I drive. Live the life I live – and then you make your decision based on facts and not just hear say.

And on that note folks, I’m signing off. Good mixed with the bad tonight. All just bits of things happening around me, so there you have it.

have a splendid evening – I’m off to the studio shortly πŸ˜‰


23 comments on “Payday…

  1. Unless it is from a reputable news line do not trust news on FaceBook as news can easily be manufactured to suite certain aims and agendas. Go check it out on Snopes like one checks out the little girl who suffers from cancer only three months to live, funds urgently needed to cover medical expenses and she has been dying since 1986.

    • It was not anything like that H. I’m inclined to believe it – these thing do happen quite often, even if it’s not reported all that often on the news sites.

  2. Happy it’s your best paycheck in two years.

    And, agree with newsferret, that fb is not a reliable source. Sure some things can be posted accurately but… Sadly there’s enough crude out there aside from the scams and falsely derived scenarios.

    Nightie night, friend. πŸ™‚

    • My son posted it – that’s why I’m inclined to believe it, but I will go and do the search eventually. Thing is, I know this happens. You just need to know where to look – you will find worse atrocities. But it’s always just an aside if it even does get reported on in the news.
      Hope your day is a good one P πŸ˜‰

  3. It has, unfortunately, suited the agenda of the inept in power to encourage the view that all current woes have been caused by Apartheid and the whites, instead of having the blame laid at their own back door where it belongs. Thus the flames of hatred are fanned. So whether the story is true or not, the climate undoubtedly exists.

    • The disaster is just around the corner Tess.
      We can only hope to be either dead or completely away from it. As it is, I’m living in the middle of it, with nowhere else to go.

  4. I won’t be surprised when finally the decent people in SA, of which there are many, rise up against this hideous regime which is anything but democratic. Patience is wearing thin, and the pot is likely to boil over before too long. So glad you got a good pay check at last. Long may the job last. πŸ™‚

    • The decent people I think AD, are far outnumbered by the rest of the idiots. I can only hope that sanity will prevail in the near future, otherwise we’ll all be in a hell of a mess!

    • Would that that were true Miss P.
      As it is, the first world is closing ranks against refugees from the third world, and I can’t blame them.
      And as much as I like to joke about it, I have no idea if I’m ready for such a move!

    • It breaks my heart G. There’s so much beauty here, the country and it’s people has so much to offer, but we’re not being given the chance. And this across the colour spectrum, not just my race.

  5. If people think poor, they always seem to think black, they never think of whites. Like that one time when the president went and visited the poor whites and he said he couldn’t believe that they lived like that. Just goes to show that even the president is completely ignorant. I just wonder when the masses will wake up and finally realise that the ruling party has been giving them a raw deal for all of these years

    • Our prez is an idiot. And the masses will stay idiots while education in the suck heap stays at the levels they are on currently. probably what the government has planned…
      And poor people comes in all the colours of the rainbow…

  6. Shit, I’m sorry, did not continue reading about the baby part. I switched off right there and jumped a lot of lines. The best thing for me is denial. Not gonna elaborate, but it’s best πŸ˜‰ xoxo
    Love the song, though!!

    • Agr with you on denial G. But you can’t always live with your head in the sand. Eventually you will have to stop hiding and then the shock will be too great…
      Glad you liked tha tune πŸ™‚

  7. That thing about the baby — it’s one of those horror stories that haunts and haunts and haunts my thoughts. I’m only commenting now, as have had a busy week and reading your posts as emails on my phone, rather than on-line here, but I’ve kept replaying that image in my head for days ever since I read it.

    Not surprised you want to emigrate.

  8. Well, very glad for you re the paycheck and catching up. Great news.

    I decided to see what came up when googling “South Africa child boiled” – lots of reports dating back to late July 2012 on two parents murdered and then a 12 boy boiled to death…. I get the feeling you are referencing a newer murder(s). How utterly awful, J. We’ve had some very bad crimes here recently – it is as though the worst is breaking thru. The tensions here in the States are building up as well. God keep us strong and sane.

    • The picture I saw was of the guilty parties in the docks at court. Justice in Africa is a very slow moving machine, and often grinds to a complete halt – depending on how corrupt the officials are.
      The boil is breaking open all over the world P. Maybe it will be cleansing in more ways than one, maybe it will just infect more and more…

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