Talk about…

…a rigmarole!

OK. So I’m busy with this advent calender. I have to manufacture little doors to cover the actual holes for the gifts. I’ve not managed to find a different kind of thin enough wood to the hardboard I got. And I don’t have a bandsaw to cut the hardboard with easier. I then thought up a plan. Mount the bench vice that’s been parking off in my tool shed for the last 12 years, on the bench I got from a buddy of mine. Fasten the jigsaw in the vice and use it upside down as a band saw. Not the best option, but slightly safer than holding the piece of wood in your hands and trying to work the jigsaw around it.

To fit the bench vice, I was advised to get 10mm threaded rod with nuts. Which I duly did. Ah, I thought to myself. Finally I can use my grinder!! Apparently not. At first I could not find the locknut spanner that was supposed to be in the box. Turns out the kid used it and did not bother to put it back where he found it. Typical. I then managed to find the spanner. Fit the grinding pad, but it’s loose. Then Mr P arrived and he reckons there’s yet another bit missing to keep the disk from being loose. so I’ll have to go and buy that bit when I go to the hardware store again. All was not lost though. Why? Because I had my trusty Dremel tool, with a multitude of miniature grinding disks!!! What a joy that tool has turned out to be! I grinded the threaded rod into the sizes I wanted it, and now, the bench vice is mounted.

I could not continue today because me and Mr P had a companionable braai, it being Heritage day and all. But come Saturday, before the move, I will be paying another visit to the shops to try and get thin, decent wood and hinges, or I’ll have to go with the hardboard I have and use cloth for a hinge. Almost done. The Move – the eldest’s stuff has to be dispersed in the various directions, mostly in my direction, and it has to happen this weekend.

As for the visit, it was a good one. I started the fire, we sat around it, talking up a storm, as we invariably do. I’ve taken to calling him the anomaly. Because that’s what he is. And clearly, as much as I might irritate him, he seems to like coming back for more 😉 And he brought me a chocolate. We might even be able to develop an actual friendship – and that might not be a bad thing. Taking it one day at a time for now.

Now I have to go and get my user son airtime for his phone before I can sink into another hot bubble bath. Trying to help my poor hand that I bashed against the wall. I clearly don’t know the end of my strength if I can injure myself so grievously and completely by accident! And just because we’ve had a public holiday today and I don’t want it to end just yet 🙂

Hope your day was a good one and that your rest will be sweet…

Came across this song – hope you like it…


20 comments on “Talk about…

  1. I asked hubbie, who does woodworking of all kinds for part of his living, about thin wood. He says hardboard is the only thing you can use for the job. Good luck.

    Lovely to know that you and Mr P are managing to maintain a modicum of friendship 🙂

    • With the pressure of a relationship removed we look to be slightly more tolerant P – long may it last 😉
      And thanks for being impressed with me!!

    • I know balsa, but I’ve never really worked with it.
      Now that I’ve almost gotten the adaptation to the jigsaw done I might have to stick to hardboard. And the cloth will make it quite a bit cheaper than the hinges!
      As they say – ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan 😉

  2. Sorry about your hand. Hope it’s not your right hand. I’m impressed with your tenacity against all odds. I’m sure the calendar will be great when you’ve worked it all out. Obviously Mr. P can’t live totally without you, and chocolate is always a good peace offering. 🙂

    • I could be the same as worrying a sore tooth AD 😉
      You know you should not, but you still do it!!
      Tenacity – yes well, if I want to give him something to remember me by, this is what I have to do. Even if only to be able to say I did it 🙂

  3. Don’t they make dollhouse furniture out of balsa?
    I have another idea. I wonder if it would be more work but at least you wouldn’t need hinges etc. Would a round or square plug-like knob work as a ‘door’? You’d pull it out and have to plug it back in so as not to lose it…or something along those lines.

    Can’t wait to see your finished creation and happy you’ve having good company with Mr. P. 😀

    • That won’t do the trick Tess – I have to put something in each of the little holes for him to open on each day of the advent.
      I’ll find a way – it’s what i do 😉
      I think they do make dollshouse furniture out of balsa, but I’ve never had to cut the actual wood, just assemble the pieces as I got them.
      As for Mr P – at least he gets the mental juices flowing one way or the other 😉

  4. Sounds like you’re having fun with this project of yours, DIY really seems to be your thing.
    Glad to hear that things are going well between you and Mr P as well. There’s nothing wrong with a new friend.

    • DIY is definitely my thing chickpea 😉
      Love starting from scratch and see the completed thing and know that i actually made that 😉
      Me and Mr P – the anomaly. Mind you, we’re both anomalies so maybe that’s why we can visit so long 😉

  5. I think I recall where your shed is, but to imagine you in there rummaging about, makes me think of the show on television of the two guys running around looking for valuables is other people’s junk. 😉

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