Time to calm down.

Not that I’ll be allowed to, but hey – a girl can dream πŸ˜‰

A few tidbits from the world of Ghia.

Tidbit #1. The eldest’s cat is here. One of my cats don’t mind the new one, but the new one minds him. The other cat minds the new one very much. Β The new cat minds the dogs very much.Β Which means he’s likely to continue using the sandbox. The thing with cats – if something irks them, they will just go away and stay away. And I can’t very well let the new cat park off in the spare bedroom behind closed doors all the time! As I’m typing this, the new cat is hissing at something or other in the dining room. He will either stop hissing soon or they will fight. But they will have to handle their shit one way or the other.

Tidbit #2. Farting around on FB the other day. Come across a message by the Porra. He’s planning a hectic weekend because he’s driving M’s (my GF) – his words, not mine – daughter around for her matric farewell. That’s kind of like the prom. Anyway. Two weeks ago this man still wanted to proposition me, no, he has not found anybody, stopped looking – the usual. And now he has a GF? WTF? Looks as if she’s either not on FB, or not on his FB because the name was not tagged. But hey – it would seem I’m well rid of that one!

Tidbit #3. Traffic. Left home this morning at 7:11. One the dot – I checked. It’s 2 km’s from where I join up to the highway. It took me until 7:42 to travel those 2 km’s. Suffice to say that I was slightly spitting by the time I got out of it. If it’s not sorted by Monday I’m phoning the construction company and giving them an earful. So typical of the suck heap. We don’t care about your day that’s completely taken up with traffic. We’re already at work you see? We don’t need to send out notices or anything. We are creating jobs, keeping people occupied so you’d best just suck it up.

Tidbit #4. It would seem that one of my followers has pissed off somebody greatly. The follower in question does not post regularly or even comment regularly, but he’s a welcome commenter when and if he does do so. The pissed off person sent me an e mail. Those are always SUCH fun to receive! Filled with spelling mistakes and really, really bad grammar. Kind of rambling, just throwing out a whole bunch of weird facts. Of course, I have no idea if this person herself is on some kind of opiates. Or maybe they just like hitting the bottle once too often. Might even be speaking the truth for all I know, but I have to ask myself. Do I really care? You blog. Do I know you? Not really. I don’t know what you do when the doors close at night unless you tell me, and even then, you might make it all up. I know a few people that reads me, personally. Very few. And they became friends through blogging. The rest of you are people that reads me, and people that I read. But I can only read what you write. I can only make a surmise as to your mental well being through what you write. I don’t know what your house looks like, what your substance abuse history is like or even care about your sexual preferences. And, should I find out something about a blogger somewhere, would I feel inclined to share that bit of news with others? Or to smear one person? Why? And that, people, is why your blog should be kept in the blogging community. Especially if you have vindictive, less intelligent people, or, more likely, a woman scorned, in your immediate sphere. Keep it clear!

Tidbit #5. And quite the most important one. As they say, last, but not quite least. I am actually exited. For the first time in a very long time, I’m raring to go!! Saw a project last night on FB. That would be the absolute, most perfect gift for mom and sister for Christmas. And of course, I’m amking myself one as well! A birthday calender – but with a difference. Instead of writing it in yet another book or adding it to yet another calender somewhere, forgetting to turn the pages every month… You make a wall hanging. With the months of the year, and every b day in that month, with the name and the date, written on a little disk that you then hang below the corresponding month. The minute I saw it, I fell in love. Completely and utterly! So, I’m contemplating using my gorgeous little Dremmel tool for this job. It’s just the thing I say, and I go off to their website to see what kinds of bits they have that I can use to cut wood in the shape of letters. Yes, I could buy the letters already made, but where’s the fun in that? Same with the disks I suppose but it’s much more fun to get the hole saw bit and make your own disks. And to get a fitting for your drill that enables you to smooth the edges of the disks. Ok, so I’m on the Dremmel website, found the tool I think would be the most likely and there I come across an advent calender made with wood. That I can make and paint and fill with chocolates and send with the kid to Dubai. That way he has something to remind him of me, something to remind him of home, and something to remind him of Christmas even though he’s far from his nearest and dearest.Β 

One guess where I’ll be heading tomorrow after taking the dog for his check up and injections? You guessed it – Builders warehouse here I come!!! Made a list of things I need to get. The advent calender is quite labour intensive what with each day having it’s own little door with hinges and decorations. Not to talk about what I’ll have to put inside each little pocket!! If I really want to go all out, I might even line each cubby hole with some cloth – some felt or something. Just to make it a bit more rounded off. And I likely have only until the 7th of October to get it done. Going to be a busy few weeks I can see that! And I can’t wait! It’s been so long since a project inspired me to be creative, to make something instead of just parking off all the time. I can hone my DIY skills, play with my lovely power tools. All in all, just have a ball!

Well, enough of my, lately very often, gushing. Dancing tonight. What a way to start off a weekend – hope yours was also somewhat bangy πŸ˜‰

And the original version for a less bangy weekend πŸ˜‰





24 comments on “Time to calm down.

  1. Sounds a lot of fun!! Always wanted to build myself the Gaulish village from Asterix and Obelix, and your post might have just inspired me to do so . . . depends. πŸ™‚ Have a nice one, kaereste! xx

    • For my it’s not always about the end results, but the actual doing. The fitting and grinding and fiddling – that’s what’s healing to the soul.
      HOpe your inspiration lasts πŸ˜‰

  2. Glad that Spring has got you in full creative flow. Yes, let’s have some pictures of your building works.

    Are you going to block that follower, or can’t you do that on WP? I think you can complain if someone starts causing a problem. Perhaps best to leave them there, as it might be a one-off explosion, but it leaves a sour taste. Not what anyone wants when they’re blogging for enjoyment. Hope they recover their good humour soon.

    • It’s not the follower that’s the problem. It’s one of his own people l think. Not too bothered about it, not the first time, probably not the last time either!
      I can’t wait to start my project!!

  3. As long as you always have a bit of excitement in your life, all will be well. Some people get uptight for no reason. I can’t imagine how someone can get jealous of someone commenting on your blog. Weirdo stuff! The birthday and advent calenders sounds like just the thing to keep you out of mischief for a while. πŸ˜€

    • I prefer making them things they can use Ric. So much better than just running into a shop and getting the first gift pack that comes to hand. Of course, the hand made stuff is hellishly expensive!! So they had better appreciate it!!

  4. J, it is so great to hear your joy and excitement – you see, not boring at all! I remember a while back you were thinking of how your enjoy building or fixing things and that maybe they wouldn’t trust a woman…. to hear you talk so lovingly of your dremel and running to the store…. goood on you, J!

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