Well, almost 😉

It was a good weekend. Did some stuff, saw some people – even if those people consists mainly of family member and one due that may or may not move back into my life, but, I saw people. Had a lovely breakfast with mom this morning, got the last of the laundry on the line, sitting in the study, just about melting it’s so hot here!

Saw Mr P yesterday. He came to help me fix my one drain. And he was here the whole day. Sitting, chatting under the trees, drinking coffee. Calm, relaxed, adult. Not reading much into it at this point in time. He’ll be my go to guy in all things handy until he decides what he wants to do with his life. Not my life, not my problem.

Got the dogs some of those hooves you get at the shops – relatively inexpensive and it sure keeps them busy!! They’ve been at the chewing for the past few hours. Glad I got that for them. Ben will probably start his puppy classes week after next – after he’s been at the vet for the next bunch of injections. Wonder how it’s going to go. the training I mean. And it will mean I will have to practice with him when I come home in the afternoon. Think it might be a good idea to take him for a walk in the evenings – can’ practice with the other dogs constantly underfoot. He seems like such a docile fellow. But he’s already heeding my pointed finger which means “Out the door” and he does not leave the gate when I come home at night. And sits when I pet him on coming home every time. Doubt that he will be a problem child. I might be more of a problem than him – never having taken any dog for training, and also by not quite being the sociable type!

We spoke about this yesterday – me preferring the anonymity of the city as opposed to a close knit community on the outskirts. Which might make it difficult for me to live in a farming community – since I don’t much care what other people do, and I don’t generally talk about them, but they’re not likely to offer me that same courtesy. But hey. Should I move there with mom and aunt, I’ll let them be part of the community, and I’ll keep myself to myself – works for me!

Had our first thunder on Friday evening. On my way back from the studio I saw the flickering and when i got home, I stood outside in the balmy spring air, just listening to the rumbling and enjoying the lights playing in the cloud cover. Did not get much rain, but it will come. Hopefully before too long – the earth is parched, and this sun is not helping matters much. Looks like it went straight from Winter into Summer, Spring be damned! I’m not complaining mind – it’s time for some heat. Time to colour the skin a healthier shade of beige, time for sandals and pedicures and short sleeved summer dresses!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell – hope next weekend follows along the same general lines, and that the next week will be made up of more highs than lows…


16 comments on “Weekend…

    • That’s the thing with go to guys – you have to sort of keep them on the radar 😉
      He’s still not a bad sort – we had a good, normal chat. might even become friends – who knows!

    • Well, yes, he did. And he’s still hanging around on the sunset side of thing I suppose. Maybe, eventually, an actual friendship might develop. I’m living life as it happens, regardless of what happens, and if he gets left behind, then that’s also how it was supposed to be.
      Not sweating the small stuff anymore 😉

  1. Ghia, just remember you are the Alpha – puppies and dogs really do need their pack leader. I believe you’ve got it down naturally. So glad you had a good weekend!

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