You can’t stop it.

Unless you’re a rugrat with a bee in your bonnet.

So. Went to the studio last night. had a whale of a time, as usual. With only one dark spot.

Usually, when it’s foxtrot time, me and my instructor flip out all kinds of moods – i wish you guys could see me dancing. Light as a feather, flight of feet, gliding across the floor as if on air… It really is quite glorious. And for that to happen, the music is all important. Of course if you don’t hear the music with your insides, or can’t pick up the rhythm, it will go bad. And look bad.

The Latins need a bit of oomf. We’re talking heart stopping beats, drums that make you want to wiggle your ass, shake that booty and just have a ball.

The ballrooms on the other hand needs some elegance. After all, it was not created in the cotton fields, or in the back rooms of the Dirty Dancing hotel. It was created in the very respectable and austere dancing halls of days gone by. Created so that people could do what people have always done, and will always do – be together, as close as possible. With the difference being, in the northern climes, passion was something only whispered about. Never publicly acted upon. So you have your ballrooms. Seemingly very aloof what with the head movements and general demeanour, but with bodies as close as possible, using one another to make the dance perfect.

And, for me, the perfect music to dance ballrooms on will never be new music. It will always be the old tunes. Mr Sinatra. Mr Martin. Fred Astaire and his cronies. And often, the old stuff is just lovely for the latins too.

I mean people used to know how to dance in those days. It’s what you did on a Saturday night. Not snorting coke and fiddling with your tablet or farting around in WOW. You got dressed up and you went dancing. You met your future partner there, you entertained your friends there.

Alas. Last night I did a foxtrot. On a brand new song. Not a single old tune was heard. Not a single French tune. Not a single old fashioned swing tune. Because the rugrats moaned that the music was too “old” Picture my face if you will. It not a pleasant expression.

A great disappointment actually. Don’t suppose I can actually win this fight – people don’t seem to appreciate the finer things in life anymore. They come there and they screw up all the steps because they can’t be bothered to do it correctly. They’re not there to dance perfectly, they’re there to socialise. It grieves me to see them do the tango with loose bodies. Or just swing ass in the cha cha with no technique at all. All they want to do really is sokkie around the room like the hooligans they are and bedamned with the rest.

I think I will propose a compromise to the studio. Let the rugrats have their new tunes on Wednesday when they are there in full force. And let the older folk, or rather, the people who can enjoy and appreciate the older tunes, have them on Friday. Then again, it’s not as if the older folk even like the older tunes either. They’re scared it will make them look older than they try and seem.  I will still propose the compromise – see if it make a difference.

Bottom line – I also want to enjoy my dancing and the kind of music I do it on is actually quite a big part of the whole experience. I’ve been known to sit dead still if it’s a tune I don’t like – because I like the complete experience – not just little bits and pieces.

And on that note, my two favourite foxtrot tunes. Do dance along with me, and have a good night!

And a bonus 😉




24 comments on “Music.

  1. Oh my god, you’re my new favorite person in this entire world! Beyond the sea is one of my favorites!!! 🙂 I can imagine you dancing, in a BLACK glittery dress, with a black flower adorning your stylishly arranged hairdo, your eyes sparkling in the low light around the dance floor, you dress sparkling like starlight, the partner you’re dancing with like an extension of your own body, moving about as fluidly as a swan . . . That’s what I get from this song. You are beautiful and would make the stage the place to live 😀 Thanks for this, my mood has suddenly spiked! xoxo

    • I’m blushing!!!
      I’m glad you liked the tune young man.
      As for the dancing, it has to be the one thing I’m completely in love with – the fact that I might one day get to dress up and give a show – that’s just a bonus 😉

    • Most rugrats I’ve come across don’t like the old tunes.
      Their loss – glad you like them chickpea – at least there’s one rugrat out there with some culture 😉

  2. I haven’t heard these in over 16 years when I quit dancing. Frank and Bobby’s numbers are perfect for the fox trot. Then Dean and Mambo Italiano. Yum.

    Do you get Dancing With the Stars in your neck of the woods? I stopped watching a couple of years ago. The music they played sometimes–UGH–murder on the dance floor. You’re making me drool for dancing again. They have it at the Seniors’ Centre here but THOSE people are too O-L-D for my kind of good time dancing.

    • Tess!! You should listen to the radio more often – I often listen to my oldies 😉
      Yes, we do get that show here – I never watch because I don’t have a TV that works, but when I get the chance I did watch it. But you’re right – some of the tunes just were not meant for ballroom dancing!!!
      You sound like my mom. She’s 67 and reckons the other people at the church is too old 😉 I actually took her for a spin around the dance floor the other day – looks like she enjoyed it 🙂

  3. I’d be so mightly naffed off with everyone trying to change the music and succeeding. How infuriating for you, especially as you go there to enjoy yourself and not to be made annoyed. People are just too, too much. How can modern music like that possibly accord with the spirit of that sort of dancing? It’s like mixing marmite and chocolate in the same sandwich.

    • It is kind of irking Sarah. they did make a compromise though – played the old stuff, as sung my The Buble 😉
      Did make a bit of difference. Alas, rugrats, it’s what they do – irk people!

  4. Stick to your guns, G! Propose the compromise – sounds perfect – everybody wins. The tunes you’ve picked are some of my very favorites! I’m with you re the the context of the dances, the history of them is essential when understanding the dance steps and why you hold your arms just so, and spin and dip just so…

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