Yes well…

…just as I feared.

Traffic, what little I had this afternoon, was quite as bad as I thought it would be. Have to say, standing in the line, patiently waiting to get to the front of the line would not have been so bad if everybody also did just that. Without driving when the traffic light is red for you, or cutting in from the side. As per usual – idiots. And it’s usually the idiots that think they don’t actually have to stand in line – they’re better than everybody else.

Luckily it’s over now. Until tomorrow that is. But tonight’s dancing, so I will likely be in a much better mood later tonight than I was earlier 😉

Heard something positive at work today. the maternity chick that’s teaching me what to do had a visit from her husband this morning. And they were talking about something – sounds like she’s just waiting for the end of December to hand in her resignation. And if they’re happy with me until then, and get everything done the way it should be done, I might actually have a permanent job before too long. How cool would that be!! that would mean that I can upgrade my contract and get myself a Mac. It would mean that I can maybe build something for my mom and aunt to live in in my back garden – get them away from my sister and in so doing, help sister to get away from her current situation. If she wants to of course.

Most of all it would mean that I can breathe easier. To know I have somewhere to go to every day, a place that is prepared to pay me for my skills and time and effort I put in. It could mean that my life as I’ve known it for the past two years will become but a fleeting nightmare, never to be repeated again.

On that, very positive note, let me leave you with a song, and very good wishes…


29 comments on “Yes well…

    • it’s been a while since I fitted in Grace – maybe I’m finally learning!!!
      But they’re a good bunch of people, and not a dinky soul to be seen – let’s hope 😉

    • Strange Col, I know, but very true – I’m not one for too much variety, but in the workplace it helps to not be bored – and here I’m never bored 😉

  1. Very nice song!! Hope your mood held out after the dancing, and breaking my thumbs for you on that permanent opportunity!! 😉 How come when I want to insert a video, like in my last post, it wouldn’t insert??? I was fucking out of my mind by the time the computer almost got it, so I just left it . . . but no worries! xoxox

    • that’s the Eighties for you – just brimming with good tunes 😉 I’m always ready to make a convert!!
      The mood definitely improved during the dancing – it always does!
      As for the vid. I think sometimes the embedding does not work. Dunno why. Could have been a WP problem just then, but I usually don’t have that issue – better luck next time 🙂

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