…and why I HATE them.

Since I’ve started working at the new spot, I’ve left home at around 7:20, and reached my destination at about 7:45 or so. Lovely. Only about a kilometer worth of traffic and I’m away. And just about no traffic on that stretch in the afternoon. But I did see something happening. A construction company delivering guardrails and such for the past week or so. This afternoon, on returning home, one lane on each side of the road has been closed. Forcing cars from three different routes into one lane only.

It was already an enormous mess tonight. Don’t know what it’s going to be like tomorrow morning. And I doubt that it’s going to be a quick thing at all. We’ll likely have to sit with months of roadworks, effort to get anywhere. Such fun.

Reason for the changes would be… A new Maul. Why, I have no idea. We have one 5 k’s from where I live. Another one 20 k’s from where I live. Why do I want one 1 k away from me?

Here then, one of the reasons I hate mauls. While they are being built, all you see is the scarring on the landscape. Lovely green trees and grass has to make way for concrete and abject greed. And now the roadworks because more people will be coming to the maul so the roads has to be changed with extra intersections, more robots that can break, more hassles for those of us quietly minding our business.


All so somebody, somewhere can make more money. Since a maul is not quite the place you go to for charity. You will find a few hole in the wall shops that can hardly make ends meet because the rent is exorbitant. And the labour costs are high. And the feet probably not that many. But everybody will try and make a living there by selling more and more shit nobody really needs.

People go there because they don’t have a home life. They go there to escape their humdrum existence. Instead of taking up a book or a hobby, they go to the maul. They drop their kids off there – much easier to do that than to actually educate the little buggers. Thereby, breeding a whole generation of people that can’t function without a maul. That has lost the ability to make a plan. That can no longer function in a world removed from mod-cons.

When i was growing up a maul, like a private hospital, was something only heard of. You had little shopping centres with a few shops, here and there a movie house – single entity. A movie was an outing. One you got dressed up for, and there was one theatre only. Quieter times. these days, yo’d be hard pressed to swing a cat without hitting a maul. The big shops were all in town. Where you could walk and take the bus and do what needed to be done. Since the change though, the suburbs have become the safer havens, apparently, and the city centres have gone down the tubes. So, if you want anything done, you have to go to a maul to get it done.

And the overwhelming thing about mauls – the mindlessness. People mindlessly spending money. Buying what they want. Just feeding the machine. Walking aimlessly between the shops, just looking for something to do.

I go to a maul under threat of violence only. And I go in, and get out as fast as I possibly can should I have to go there for whatever reason. I do not go there to relax. I do not go there to meet people. I do not go there because I have nothing else to do. I go there only if I have no other choice. Yet, I’m being inconvenienced by the building of yet another maul.

Such fun.

That being said, work was good again today. Helped offload to shipments of stuff, checked the stock, spent some time in a very windy, sunny day. I’m pleasantly tired. Even had a half decent conversation with Mr P – he reckons he’s sorry that he was so disappointing to me, causing me strife. I told him that it was just an experience I needed to have. I’m not angry, although i am slightly sad. But he’s now one of my go to guys – have one I can go dancing with, and one that gives me holy books, one that leaves saucy messages on my phone and now one that can help me with the things I need doing around the house. Has it not been said that a woman needs at least seven men? One for each of the things she needs doing. Since a woman can probably be everything a man needs her to be, but apparently the blokes can’t be everything this woman needs him to be πŸ˜‰

Think I’ll make some french toast tonight – with some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Drenched in syrup. My poor hips may have a problem with sugar, but I’ve long since stopped listening to my hips πŸ˜‰

Long days and pleasant nights…

Came across this video while looking for tonight’s tune…

And now, tonight’s tune.

Maybe. One day…


33 comments on “Mauls…

  1. I could not agree more…I hate these horrible impersonal blocks of shopping “bliss” and yes, they are on every corner………YUG!!!!! I do NOT enter them unless I absolutely have to, maybe once a year to go to the bank. Otherwise. NO

  2. Mauls are foul. Hate the places for all the reasons you say. If I enter one, I start feeling all light-headed, if not semi-hysterical, and have to leave quickly, seeking fresh air and blue sky, before I keel over.

    • It’s the most sapping experience I can have Sarah.
      I avoid them like the plague.
      What bugs me the most now is the fact that my traffic time is going to be extended because of that stupid maul!!!

  3. I hear you. There’s nothing more disappointing than to extend one’s drive to work for some useless reason. Glad you had a good day at work anyway. πŸ™‚

  4. I never understood parents who just drop their kids off at the mall and leave them there for the day. We would go just for movie but that was it, no spending hours wandering round.

    • When my kids were small, we went to the maul together – I never just left them there. Then again, we were never flush, so we had to keep ourselves occupied at home πŸ˜‰

  5. I was confused by the title and then realised you means Malls. I like Malls to be honest, handy things… The Andrew De Leon thing I heard ages back. amazing voice.

    • Bear with me – i don’t watch TV, and even if I did, I don’t do reality TV at all, so I would never have seen this in the normal set of things – he did kind of blow me away though πŸ˜‰
      As for mauls, nope. I can live the remainder of my life quite happily without going to a maul. And yes. If I speak of them, I call them mauls – it describes exactly how I feel about it…

  6. I get what you did with the homophone. πŸ˜‰ It sounds like the word mall, which it is, but you actually want to convey the meaning of ‘scarring of the land’ ‘hurt’, all into one . . . loved that word play!!!! Did not expect that man to sing like that, which was absolutely beautiful! Loved the second song just as much!! Hope traffic wasn’t too much of a maul to your road temperament, Kaereste? xoxoxo

    • Glad you enjoyed my little bit of wordplay πŸ˜‰
      It would not be so bad to stand in the lines of cars if everybody did the same thing. This is going to cause a huge issue before too long. I’m actually going to ask the arses doing the building tomorrow just how long they will take before the mess is cleared up.I could feel all my good feelings just slip away this afternoon – not cool!!!

  7. ‘Maul’ is certainly a more apt name for them than their proper one! They maul and tear at the emotions. I cannot understand a generation who beleives that visiting the local shopping mall can be considered a treat, and permanent degradation of the area and the inconvenience while the mostrosities are being put in place make them most undesirable indeed.

    • I can happily live my life without visiting a maul Col. I’d much rather go to a builders or something πŸ˜‰
      I can’t think of a time when going to a maul has not filled me with loathing – even the family already know not to even ask me to join them there!

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with all you’ve written, and for once (!), I was ahead of you on Andrew de Leon – hah! Like you, I stumbled across him somehow and just loved the unexpectedness of his performance!

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