It’s the weekend baby!

My first week at the new spot, done. Without any screaming and fault finding and issues. No feelings of uselessness or uncertainty. Just acceptance and willingness. I’m sure it’s not all moonshine and roses. There’s bound to be screw ups and things will likely fall through the cracks, but for the most part, I’m enjoying it. And I am so very grateful that this has come my way.

Travelling is still a treat even though it’s quite a distance. Not having to deal with all the crap I used to has definitely made a difference to my general demeanour. Can’t believe how much negative energy can be built up in dealing with the traffic I used to deal with – quite amazing actually!

So much so that I had a gripe blog planned this morning. About our cretin of a president, but now it’s afternoon. I’ve been home for a good while already. The dogs are playing outside, I’m going dancing tonight – life’s just too good to waste it on an idiot!

Alas, that leaves my topics for a blog scarce. Not that it’s a bad thing that most things in my life is kind of looking up. Nowhere near sorted – that will only be the case if I stay at the job permanently, but as it is, I’m OK for the next 5 months. After that, who knows? I might just end up in the back of beyond, or over yonder as Mississippi used to say 😉

Lets all enjoy what’s left of Friday – it is, after all, the beginning of a well deserved weekend!

And now, some tunes to get the blood pumping. One way or the other 😉


23 comments on “TGIF!!

  1. Happy days 🙂 So pleased to hear you’ve a good week, with minimal traffic stress. As for leaders of countries — they’re on a different planet and best to leave them there. I certainly don’t intend to spoil my weekend by thinking about that smug git governing the UK at the moment. Didn’t vote for him and never will.

    • The tooth is twingy, but not hurting. If it happens again, I will do something about it, but for now, I’m letting sleeping dogs sleep 😉
      As for the good report, it’s been a while since I’ve been this OK at a work spot – long may it last!!

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