Another day…


And work is steadily chugging along. Making copious notes, listening very attentively to everything that’s told me – I can do this!!!

But, I’ve not yet had sufficient material for blog posts. Don’t know the people all that well, and the things that has crossed my path so far, well, just not in the mood to gripe just yet 😉

Maybe a good thing that! Imagine! Not even traffic to put a sour note in my day – life is indeed bliss. Almost.

Of course, this afternoon when I rocked up at home at 17:00 on the dot, I was greeted by a savaged rubbish bag. It was not filled with nasty things like rotted food or anything like that, just papers and empty bottles and tins and bags – that I had to pick up. Because the city council’s rubbish removers saw fit to make my wheelie bin disappear. Will have to see if i can buy a new one at the end of this month – can’t very well keep my rubbish forever now can I? Alternatively, I have to buy myself a few smaller bins and use them to recycle my paper, glass, plastic and tin in – one of our garages has a few bins I can use for recycling. All I’ll have to throw away then would be cigarette butts ad maybe meat packets. Everything else can go onto the compost heap.

I’m kinda tired tonight – work will do that to you every time! It’s been a good two years since I actively worked an actual job – everything since the fiasco in 2011 has been just time fillers. Something to be gotten through for the sake of a paycheck at the end of the month. Here, I have a specific job to do, certain things that has to be done, and it has to be done by me, and I’m doing them. Even though the conversation is not quite flowing just yet with the other two women in the office, I don’t mind. If I’m busy with something, I just plug in my earphones and get to it. Don’t have my own e mail address yet, nor a telephone, and it suits me just fine 😉 I can just do my job and not be bothered with anything else.

Let me leave you with a few funny pics and a few tunes from my collection.

chuck stupid cops nose coconut



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