First day…

…not as bad as it could have been I suppose.

Of course, everybody is in jeans – except me. I turned up in pants and heels. HAVE to take an hour lunch – what to do with it, I have no idea, since I can’t even really spend it outside under the trees. That’s where all the other folk sit and have their lunch, and I can’t very well go sit between non smokers and light up now can I? The little bit we got to today does not seem to strenuous. The chick whose stuff I’ll be taking over only works in the mornings, so I parked off for most of the afternoon, not doing much. That should change once I get started in the stock aspect of things. And not the selling stock, the spares stock. Because the dude that’s currently at the head of the workshop is a dude. And, as such, not an admin person or a clerk. his own words. Suppose it has something to do with his lack of boobs. Or something. Still, getting his spares stock system up and running will be a humongous task, but it will get me out of the office, my hands dirty and my body tired – more than that a person can’t ask for!

The old man, he of not liking jeans, has an office on the second floor of the building. I call it the eyrie. He has a 360 degree view of all he owns, and is very quick to explain to you the intricate workings of any and all equipment that he thinks you might want to know about. Does not look as if I will have too much to do with him, and that’s never a bad thing. Don’t suppose he’s a bad old man for all that, but time will tell.

I’m thinking I could quite get stuck in the workshops in the afternoon. These people make wooden birdfeeders of all kinds. They assemble them on premises and they are painted by a few girls. They also make those little stakes with the name of the flowers and herbs and cute little sayings. All painted by hand. They also sell all manner of gardening equipment. Not rakes and shovels and things, chainsaws and generators and pumps and stuff. Before I leave there, I will definitely try and buy a few things off them – at staff discount no less. Works for me!!

So, all my worries were for naught. For today in any case. What will happen in the next few weeks, I have no idea.

Traffic was a breeze. Took me all of 20 minutes to get there, and 20 minutes back home this afternoon. Of course there were cretins on the road – a dude in his 4×4 as per usual, a bunch of minibus taxi’s that apparently does not need to stand still at a red robot, nor even stand in the line, but this is South Africa. Where the leaders are the biggest criminals and it filters down to all levels of society.

We’re hoping that Spring will eventually happen. Alas, it’s snowing on Table Mountain and that means that the whole country or at least, the whole country where I live is freezing cold!! So much so that I slept with a hot water bottle last night!! Oh, my kingdom for a pair of warm feet next to mine at night! But, there are blossoms on the trees, and new leaves everywhere else, finch nests in all manner of trees so I suppose spring is really here 😉

And on that note, a tune…



27 comments on “First day…

    • Not having to deal with streams of traffic every day is a Godsend P, absolutely. And the feeders actually look quite nice – can’t wait to get me one for seed feeders and one for fruit eaters. They even have one that can house an owl – wonder, if I install it, will they come?

    • Not a bad Monday at all H 😉
      I’m sure you had huge amounts of catching up to do what with the eyes and being on holiday – hope tomorrow is much better!!

    • So far so good AD 😉
      Time actually went by today – I was working for a change!!
      The tune – Nina Simone never fails to inspire. Glad you liked it!

  1. Fantastic news, G! From here on out, I’m connecting you and your new life with that song! Perfect choice. Waking up and looking to see what new miracles are going to unfold! Ooorrraaahhh!

    • that is a good song to have in your head P 😉
      As for miracles, hang on!! It’s only been two days 😉
      Silly rabbit! (a line from Kill Bill)
      Then again, anything’s always possible 🙂

    • I did indeed Sarah 😉
      When I got there, everybody was wearing jeans in any case, so I have no idea what the fuss was about!!
      Just as well it’s summer now – I don’t really wear long jeans then, only three quarter capri pants and skirts 😉

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