What do…

…smart women get?

if you go from the premise that dumb men go for dumb women. And smart men go for dumb women. What do smart women get? Well, apparently cats. Mostly.

This has been a weekend and a half.

The dancing on Friday night was spectacular, as always. I was missed, and welcomed back like the long lost son. Or in this case, daughter. So, I had much fun, and I will definitely continue.

Then, on Saturday, the eldest sends a message, are you at home mom? We need to talk. Ominous words in any situation – thank heavens he can’t fall pregnant and he’s not likely to make somebody else pregnant either – quite a blessing that. Turns out, he got the contract in Dubai. He will start work there on the first of October. And so, together with all his things which will naturally be stored on my limitless property, I will inherit his cat. The second in as many years. Hence the starting lines.

Now, he’s always been the child that was there. He came when he was needed, would fly past for a visit, would invite me to come to his house, or for a movie. He was involved. And now he’ll not be. He’ll be hundreds of miles away from home, far from my help, and far from me should I need help. And as much as I know that this is the way of the world, and he’s been living away from home for a long time, I will miss him. A lot.

One thing having kids not living with you, but still in the same province or even country. And a completely different one dealing with a child that you can only ever see on Skype. Thank heavens for modern technology – if not for that, I would never have been able to see him, but it’s not quite like he’s just around the corner or anything like that!!

Alas. I can’t keep with me. Can’t hang on to my child. He has his own road to follow, and he has to do it on his own, regardless of if I miss him or not. This will be a great opportunity for him. He’ll be in the world, gaining experience that he would never have gotten here, and I wish him only the best. Luckily, he’s not a difficult person in the sense of meeting people and getting along with them – not quite my child in that regard. Always something to be thankful for!! But he was my stalwart. The one I could moan with when the stupid men do their stupid things. The one on whose shoulder I could cry if need be, and on whose shoulder he could cry on should the need arise.

It’s like having empty nest syndrome all over again!!! But we will make it. He will go and spread his wings, broaden his horizons, become a true cosmopolitan.

And we will have a place to go visit at, if nothing else.

But I will miss my boy. So I will start saving immediately for a plain ticket to Dubai. And the visa and what not.

The youngest also moved into a flat this weekend. With the current GF’s dad. Wonder how long that’s going to last, but he’s got to make his own choices and decisions. All I can do is help pick up the pieces when the time comes. It does mean that he’s getting big himself. Becoming an adult. Making adult decisions. And learning to deal with the consequences thereof. At least he does not have a cat that I will have to look after!!

As for me, I’m starting work at the new place tomorrow. It feels as if my neck is in some kind of spasm – absolute stress. I’m going to have to hand over my troubles to One that can deal with them better than I clearly can. No use believing in the right thing happening at the right time if I’m going to stress about it in any case!!! I’ll have to just take a few deep breaths, and calm myself the heck down otherwise I’m going to be a wreck by tomorrow morning.

On a lighter note. Got my hands on Supernatural Season seven and eight. As well as a few new movies. So I’ll not want for stuff to watch the next few weeks.

And I have you, Constant Reader, to coin a Stephen King phrase, to keep me company during the next few months where I will, in all likelihood, have a spot of bother dealing with the departure of my firstborn, and dealing with his cat and mine, probably fighting. Time moves on. Inexorably. Can’t stop it, can’t change it, can only move with it. Always going forward. Taking each experience as it happens, and dealing with it as best you can.

On that note, long days and pleasant nights.


21 comments on “What do…

    • This new furry member is pitch black P, and a real cuddler 😉 I hope my cats don’t make too much of a fuss when he’s introduced – that would be sad indeed!
      And thanks for being a constant reader – if not for you guys, I would have faded away a looong time ago!!

  1. You will be a most excellent employee, g/J – and hopefully, you will work with good people. We know the traffic won’t be an issue, not so? How much better can it get – 🙂 The news of your son’s position in Dubai is good, but I understand the tug of war in your emotions. Young Ben will move up the seniority ladder with the newest cat – and you’ve got your cuddler. I’ll be thinking of you – actually, it’s 7:51 Sunday night my time, so you’re probably getting ready. Cannot wait to hear. Best to you, m’dear ~ HuntMode

    • Well, the first day was not as bad as I feared. It would seem that at this place, I’ll not go to work with dread in my heart. I can only hope it will continue on this vein.
      As for the cat – I hope it works here for him – you know how adult cats are with other adult cats!

  2. Good for you son and luck with the job. You CAN do it, Ghia, and you will! 🙂
    Cats. Hard to figure how they will sort themselves out. I have a stray we took in that lived on my ironing board because she knew she wasn’t appreciated by the two cats of the house. Hope they work it out sooner rather than later. Less stress for you to be in a HAPPY family.

    • I am proud of him Tess, but I’m sure going to miss him!! But it will be good for him, and probably me too 😉
      We’ll see what the cats do when they get together – can always let one of them go to my sister’s house if need be 😉

  3. Good luck to both you and your son in your new jobs. It must be incredibly hard, the wrench of having him go to another country, but you must be very proud of him, too.

    Sorry, I’ve been neglectful of you for the last week, but have been out and about being sociable whilst the heatwave lasts, which has meant little time on the computer. Will do a big catch-up read of your posts in the next few days.

    • I am very proud of him Sarah, but man. Dubai is far away!! But it will be good for him so I’ll not begrudge him the opportunity.
      Don’t worry about the neglect – enjoy summer while you have it! Before you know it, winter will be on you in all it’s cold dreariness!

    • It’s going to be very difficult Ric, but we will make it.
      You’re right – if you have family overseas it makes a huge difference in your budget when visiting 😉

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